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‘The Returned’ Has Returned on SundanceTV

The Returned, Season 2 Review courtesy of SundanceTV ( in partnership with Horrornews.net )

the-returned_201_adele-clotilde-hesme_01_1000x594Six months have passed since the flood and the shoot-out between the police and the horde. A pregnant Adèle, tormented by surreal nightmares about the fetus she’s carrying, wakes up in a hospital room after falling down the stairs at home. Father Jean-François assures Adèle the baby is unharmed. Back at home, Adèle’s daughter Chloe accuses her mother of throwing herself down the steps on purpose.

Government inspector Richard Berg presents his credentials at a checkpoint near the site of the bus crash and is admitted into the town. Berg finds the town nearly deserted, occupied mainly by military police and stragglers congregating around the Helping Hand to volunteer or search for loved ones. Soldiers tell Berg that the mountainside and the southern tip of the town inexplicably refuse to drain, and share that the remaining residents explained the police showdown as a struggle with a group of attacking looters.

Léna visits the local police station where soldier Alcide works to see if there’s any news about the missing, who include Camille and the twins’ mother, Claire. Meanwhile Jérôme is drinking more than ever and has sunken deeper into depression.

Driving late at night, Berg hits a human figure in the road: Toni, who has now returned. Berg rushes Toni to the hospital, where he screams for his brother. Alcide notifies Léna, who hurries to the scene and meets with Alcide and Pierre, proposing that the group reveals the truth about the returned. Pierre says the authorities would never believe them.

Jérôme is called in for questioning. He sticks to his story about both Toni and Camille, and tells Léna they should leave town. Léna is furious at the suggestion. She turns to Frédéric, who invites Léna to stay at the Helping Hand shelter with a group of fellow believers, but she declines.

Another victim from the bus crash, the teenage Audrey Sabatini, crawls up from the mountainside like Camille once did, and is confused about the state of the town. A soldier at the checkpoint tries to escort her to a neighboring town but finds the road stretching on, preventing them from leaving. Audrey runs off into the woods, where Lucy discovers her. Lucy leads Audrey to a section of suburbs hidden by the flood zone, paddling across the water on a raft. Lucy hands Audrey off to Camille and Claire, who argue about how much to tell the girl. The vague menace of the conversation scares Audrey again and she tries to run, but Claire and Camille stop her. They warn Audrey against attracting the attention of the horde, which can be seen outside waiting in the streets.

Serge patrols the streets of the undead zone with his rifle on his back.

Also in the village of the returned, Victor asks Julie if she will always be there for him and Julie promises she will. Madame Costa, also living with the pair, tells Julie there’s someone at the door. A woman rushes in and hugs Victor: it is the boy’s mother, returned herself.

Simon, at a home he’s been sharing with Lucy, discovers that Adèle is already at the hospital. Lucy tells Simon that they “all” will soon be together.

A doctor tells Adèle that her fetus is more developed than it should be at six months, insisting on inducing labor as soon as possible. Adèle confesses to Father Jean-François that she tried to abort the child several times unsuccessfully, since it was conceived with the undead Simon, not her fiancée Thomas. The doctors put Adèle under as they prepare to deliver the baby.

Watch THE RETURNED Season 2 Premiere online now.

THE RETURNED continues Saturdays at 10/9c only on SundanceTV.


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