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“Midnight Hour” tells a Christmas tale vastly unlike Dickens

With the holiday season fast approaching, “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour” has picked out a special gift for viewers, wrapped in blood-red paper and placed under the tree along with a few spare body parts.

On December 1st, the cult-TV series will unleash a monumentally mean-spirited ode to the season of brotherly love with its latest entry, “I’ll Be Homicidal for Christmas.” In it, unbalanced single dad Ed (Todd Moriarty) kills his trashy, teen-aged daughter (Courtney Zimmer) on Christmas Eve with a meat cleaver—to the consternation of young son Brandon (Mason Podhorsky) who inadvertently witnesses the assault.

Brandon grabs the meat cleaver and hides under the family Christmas tree, where he fends off Ed’s attempts to get it back.


13 years later, grown-up Brandon (Revon Yousif) is living with cousins and planning to write a tell-all book about his father’s infamous crime—news that draws Ed, recently discharged from an inpatient psychiatric hospital, like a moth to flame. It¹s Christmas Eve once again and this time Ed will go to any lengths necessary to make sure his son never reveals the motive behind his original crime.

“It’s hard marketing a thriller anthology in December,” remarks series creator Lee Martin. “So we decided to get into the spirit with a holiday-themed entry which will change the way some viewers look at
Christmas iconography forever.”

“I’ll Be Homicidal for Christmas” will air every Thursday and Saturday throughout December, 2012. For a limited time, fans can view the episode in HD online at http://vimeo.com/user12997972/review/54039249/6df6a5a5f0 by entering the password: letmesee

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