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2011 Horror Comic Awards are now live

The pioneers of horror comic news are back to celebrate the best Horror Comics for 2011. ComicMonsters.com presents the third annual Horror Comic Awards. Voting is open via the ComicMonsters.com site on December 21st, 2011 and ends on December 31st, 2011. Best of Luck to the Nominees……May the most brutal comic prevail.

The categories and nominees for 2011 are:

Writer of the Year
Mike Mignola on Hellboy
Joe Hill on Locke and Key
Joshua Fialkov on I, Vampire and Echoes
Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead
Peter Milligan on Hellblazer/Justice League Dark
Scott Snyder on American Vampire
Clive Barker and Christopher Monfette on Hellraiser
Jeff Lemire on Animal Man/Sweet Tooth

Artist of the Year
Gabriel Rodriguez on Locke and Key
Menton 3 on Monocyte
Andrea Sorrentino on I, Vampire
Charlie Adlard on The Walking Dead
Nat Jones on 68
Giuseppe Camuncoli on Hellblazer
Stephen Thompson on Hellraiser
Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson on Living Corpse Exhumed

Best Ongoing Series
The Sixth Gun
The Walking Dead
Green Wake
American Vampire
The Darkness
I, Vampire

Best Mini Series
The Suicide Forest
Hellblazer City of Demons
Crawl to Me
Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom
American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest
Witch Doctor
Hellboy: The Fury

Best One Shot
Criminal Macabre: No Peace for Dead Men
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Locke & Key: Guide to the Unknown Keys
68: Hardship
Tomb of Dracula Presents Throne of Blood
Hellboy: Being Human
Tattered Man
Hack/Slash: Me Without You

Best OGN
Harbor Moon
Crossed 3D
FUBAR 2 Empire of the Rising Dead
Flesh and Blood
Hellboy: House of the Living Dead
Hellblazer: Pandemonium
Deadworld: Last Siesta

Best Anthology
Nightmare World Vol. 3
Blokes Tomb of Horror 2011 Annual
Fubar Vol. 2
Heavy Metal: Living Dead Special
Strange Aeons Magazine
Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak
The Unexpected

Best Manga
Ghost Talker’s Daydream #6
Bloodline Battlefront
Velveteen & Mandala
Death Note Black Edition, Vol. 3
Blue Exorcist V. 1
Priest Purgatory
Lychee Light Club

Cover of the Year
Crossed Psychopath #1 Wraparound
Silent Hill Past Life #3
Witch Doctor #1
Hellraiser #6C
That Hellbound Train #3A
The Vault #1
30 Days of Night #1C
68 Hardship cover A

Best Kill
Abraham kills Bruce before he becomes a zombie – Walking Dead #80
Miss Landers is eaten by zombies – 68 #2
An enraged Abby grabs, flies, bites, and drops Wayne – Let Me In #4
Bye Bye Fallow – Driver for the Dead #3
Spawn must rip the head off of a defiant vampire to obtain the leader’s name – Spawn
A pre-zombie apocalypse Selena kills her freshly infected husband – 28 Days Later #22
A crazed Director Losif disposes of a monster – BPRD Hell of Earth Russia #2
Perhaps a chainsaw in the butt? – Crossed: Psychopath #5

Best Cross Over
Hack/Slash Eva: Monster’s Ball
Hack/Slash Meets Zombies vs. Cheerleaders
Criminal Macabre/The Goon: When Freaks Collide
Hack/Slash – Hatchet

Best Scene
Hellboy Dies – Hellboy The Fury #3
Childbirth in Silent Hill – Silent Hill: Past Life #4
Carl gets shot in the face – Walking Dead #83
Shub-Niggurath eats some goat – Locke & Key: Clockworks #1
Shocking kitty death – Suicide Forest #2
Kirsty Cotton becomes Pinhead – Hellraiser #8
The aftermath of a gun shot – Raise the Dead 2 #2
Don Carpets small intestine surgery – Edge of Doom #3

Inker of the Year
Riley Rossmo on Green Wake
Stefano Landini on Hellblazer
Mark Bloodworth on Deadworld: Last Siesta
Mike Perkins on The Stand No Man’s Land
Abe Hernando on Drums
Owen Gieni on Avengelyne

Letterer of the Year
Ken Haeser on The Living Corpse
Menton 3 on Monocyte
Jason Arthur on 68
Clem Robins on Let Me In: Crossroads
Nate Piekos on Criminal Macabre: No Peace for Dead Men
Travis Lanham on Hellraiser
Troy Peteri on Artifacts
Sal Cipriano on Hellblazer

Colorist of the Year
Riley Rossmo on Green Wake
Jay Fotos on Locke and Key and 68
Misty Coates on Skulkickers
Dave Stewart on Hellboy: The Fury
Sakti Yuwono on The Vault
Dave McCaig on Magdalena
Marcelo Maiolo on I, Vampire and Demon Knights
Attila Futaki on Severed

Best Web Comic
Dead Meat
Split Lip
Halloween Man
Dr. Shroud
Tales of Mr. Rhee
Moral Geometry
Genma Visage

Honorary Achievement in Horror Comics
Gene Colan
Bernie Wrightson

The 2011 Horror Comic Awards will be determined by fan voting via the following link:


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