Pierre Morel Puts Down the Ouija and Enters Talks to Direct EDF: EARTH DEFENSE FORCE

Variety reports that French director Pierre Morel is no longer a candidate to direct Universal’s OUIJA and is now in talks to grab the reigns on Warner Brother’s EDF: EARTH DEFENSE FORCE. The Earth Defense Force, or EDF as it is abbreviated, is Sam Raimi’s and Bill Block’s of QED International new project that follows the story of three alien fighters who assault the planet Earth and leaves its world leaders defeated and humiliated.

To combat their shame, they create an alliance and put together the EDF, the Earth’s elite fighting force. The EDF is the Earth’s only hope in combating the next onslaught of alien oppression that promises to be far greater than the first wave. There is no word on whether the movie will be a tie in to the Star Comics series of the same name.


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