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Embalmo: Screenings Oct 1-3 – Another crazy ass clown?

Local Philadelphia film making crew is was making some waves amongst the Underground with titles like:

“Battle Nun: Key To Heaven”

Their latest film, EMBALMO!, will be screened at the Project Twenty1 film festival during the weekend of October 1-3, 2010:

There is little else in the world that goes as well together as campy horror and sketch comedy, a fact that is proven once again by John Cannon, Rob Dimension, and Pigamortis on the Late Night Horror Hotel. Just after I was introduced to Dimension, he sent me two episodes of this mysterious show I’d never seen. With great trepidation, I put on an episode one night. And I was HOOKED! After greedily watching the second episode on the disk I found myself wanting more.

Dimension and Cannon play off each other quite well during the breaks in the films. Where some horror shows cut into the film at inappropriate times, these two seem to interject their dorky/ditzy humour at just the right moment. PLUS, they pull out the prop gags, something that I absolutely adore. (Cheese-STAKE, anyone??!? PRICELESS!)

The most impressive thing about the show? The hosts are down-to-earth, approachable guys who TRULY love this genre. This isn’t about money or fame, folks. This is DIY fandom at it’s best, and the Late Night Horror Hotel delivers a WIN!!

-Wedge Wegman
Sickening Thud Productions

Read more about Sickening Thud here: http://www.myspace.com/sickeningthud

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