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The Captured Bird: Jovanka Vuckovic’s new film -2012

Jovanka Vuckovic is was the editor at Rue Morgue and has been one of the most influental women in horror. She’s even been “named by the Horror Society as one of the top thirteen most important women in the history of horror, alongside genre heavy hitters Mary Shelley, Kathryn Bigelow and
She’s been an advocate for many horror films for years and is still a prominent figure in the horror entertainment industry. So you can pretty much understand how far this woman spreads…So what’s horror short going to be? It’s called THE CAPTURED BIRD, a strange idea that seems like it could be right up Del Toro’s alley. “Having Guillermo [del Toro] on board as Executive Producer is like a dream come true for a first-time filmmaker His well of inspiration is like a dream come true for a first-time filmmaker.

Welcome To TheCapturedBird.com from The Captured Bird on Vimeo.

his well is limitless as his generosity. Plus, The Captured Bird is just too ambitious to make without his guidance. I’m very grateful to have him as part of the team.”

While plot details and anything other than the proposed plan is unknown right now, Vuckovic was willing to shed some light as to the origination of her planned short. “The Captured Bird is inspired in part by a childhood nightmare, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, the fables of the Brothers Grimm and the paranormal phenomenon referred to as The Shadow People. It’s sort of a dark fable that I hope people will find haunting, poetic and beautiful.”

And what of Del Toro himself? He had a few words to share regarding Vuckovic’s ideas. “Jovanka’s vision has been honed to perfection and combines true poetry with savage instinct. [It’s] lyrical and brutal. Just what the doctor ordered.”

CAPTURED BIRD is scheduled to begin filming early next year for screenings in 2012 throughout many popular film festivals. Some of these film festivals you might be familiar with. They include Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and while it’s too early to tell it’s no secret that these festivals are putting their bets on Vuckovic’s short. Which means they already have her signed up before production has even started. For more information on the

film and it’s production diaries check out the film’s website over at :


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