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Shiny New Poster for ‘CHROMESKULL LAID TO REST 2’ plus trailer!


No, it’s not Destro from Cobra, it’s ChromeSkull from LAID TO REST and he’s back in all his shiny-headed, people killing glory! The sequel picks up where the first film left off with ChromeSkull narrowly escaping death and once again he’s off to go hunt down young women so he can document their deaths for posterity with the help of ...

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Laid to Rest 2: promises even more gore!


Director Robert Hall hopes to begin shooting this November. β€œYou can’t really make a Laid to Rest movie and not have the best gore effects,” says Hall. β€œWe’re doubling the carnage and doubling the fun. I know we raised the bar on the last one, but people have no idea what’s in store in that department for the sequelβ€”it’s the ...

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