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Horror Scripts Wanted – Hollywood Screenplay Competition

The Hollywood Screenplay Competition is now accepting submissions for its 2012 screenwriting competition, where the winning script will be optioned and produced into a feature film.

Screenplays in most genres will be considered: drama, comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, thriller, biopic, family, adventure, etc. (Scripts for documentaries, animation and musicals will not be accepted.) Scripts will be judged on Concept (Originality,) Plot (Storyline,) Characters, Dialogue, Structure, and Cinematic Value (Marketability.)

The competition is conducted in association with Finch Hollow Productions, the production company of producer-director Peter Bohush, who produced and directed the sci-fi/action feature “Broken Spirits,” starring Richard Epcar, Andy McPhee, Spike Spencer and anime star Cristina Vee.

Screenplays submitted to the Hollywood Screenplay Competition will be judged by the producers who will option or purchase the winning script(s), with the intention of actually making the winning script into a feature film.

Deadline for submitting screenplays is June 30, 2012. Early bird registration discounts apply until Jan. 31, 2012.

Details and rules of the competition, entry forms and tips for writers are at http://www.HollywoodScreenplayCompetition.com


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  1. My name is Carrie, I am sending you my story I have written hoping you can see what I see in my story
    and with your help to be made into a great book. I know with your help we could make a lot of money.
    People and I mean professionals have told me it would also make a great movie. If you see what I do and
    can make it into the movie it deserves to be then you could buy it off me, I would love to do a deal with you.

    I am willing to sell my story for £50,000 knowing that it will make someone a lot of money.

    This version has not been proof read though, if needed I can send you the proof read version which was

    done by my sister.
    This is my second story though I used to write a lot when I was younger. All I am asking for is the chance
    I need. Please let me know A.S.A.P.

    Carrie Quesne.


  2. hello .i have some movie scripts that I am trying to sell .I rote them years ago .they were in storage they are all different one is a horror its about 60 min long .good for dvd’s .if you would like more info on it or them .just let me know .and I will give you some data on it I will tell you the name of it its called hell is taking us. thank you. tag groat.


    RE : New Feature Scripts

    DRACULA’S LAST STAND” (Friction/horror) In the last turn of the century, Dracula’s name has been lost. His oldest son, millionaire” Prince William”, a very powerful, cunning vampire, who owns the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, that has invented a new drug ,that lets vampires walk and live like humans. He wants his rightful place, to rule the ”Vampire Nation”. In order for this to happen, he must find his father ”Dracula”, and kill him. Dracula gets the word, and goes underground.

    “SIN ONCE SIN TWICE”(FICTION/Horror) – The year is “1862”,The Cussmount Plantation, in South Carolina, where a beautiful young woman and her newborn daughter, were killed by her brutal and jealous husband. Now one hundred and thirty seven years later, the undead young women, seeks revenge against the present day “Cussmount “family members, that destroy her life.( 109 pages / PDF )

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