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‘The Thing’ Remake Gets Release Date Shuffle

There are numerous reasons why the release date for any film in progress or finished has to be pushed back or forward. But for The Thing remake, their reason for date change is because additional photography has to be dealt with first on the set. According to sources close to the production, the filmmakers have a cut of the movie and they are now hoping to use this next round of photography to enhance existing sequences or to make crystal clear a few story beats or to add punctuation marks to the films feeling of dread.

There could be other underlying reasons as to why the date is being changed, however, Marc Abraham wants this to be a film that is taken in by both the hardcore skeptical Carpenter fans and the audiences that are fresh to everything involved in The Thing who have never seen the original, and is well aware how hard that’s going to be to get right. Abraham wants it perfect and not just thrown out there like most remakes are in today’s horror world and then tossed aside because they’re practically garbage remakes to pass the time.

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