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Can You Possbily Be Prepared For The FLYING MONKEYS

How many of you can trace one of your first true scares to those damn flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz? Yeah, me too. I can’t believe no one has thought of this before now actually but leave it to those crazy bastards at SyFy Channel to pull it off, a whole freaking movie of nothing but flying monkeys!!! I love it!!

Cleverly titled FLYING MONKEYS this one will be airing this Saturday night, March 9th at 9 pm.

It would appear that this one has nothing to do with OZ but rather just a bunch of mutated monkeys that get loose and wreak havoc. Starring Electra Avellan who you will quickly recognize as one of the Babysitter Twins from Grindhouse, Vincent Ventresca, and Alvin Chon all the official synopsis hints at is that the film is about a teenage girl living in Gale, Kansas, who gets a new pet monkey that turns out to be an evil, flying shapeshifter. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Got a trailer for you, you know you can’t wait to see it so go ahead, press play.

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  1. yippee! so glad to hear that syfy channel, with its golden reputation for unwatchable, awful films, is being showcased for what promises to be another turkey! a horror film about the wizard of oz…how clever…belongs right up there with grimm, hansel & gretel and all the other stupid “horror” films based on nursery rhyms. so clever guys!


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