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Vamps: Bridgette Banks

As the daughter of a funeral home owner and county coroner – the twisted dreams of Bridgette Banks were bound to come to fruition. Bridgette Banks… aka Contradiction, because of the many opposing forces society wants her to be. The black girl who loves metal music; a prissy model and a tomboy; spiritual, but hates to judge and be judged. She began her career in the Atlanta urban scene, appearing in music videos, the Vibe Magazine Music Festival, and BET Awards promo’s. She has experience in indie films, stage performance, and hair modeling.

Her short horror fiction “The Order”, was published in Atlanta’s own Individual magazine. But commercial was not enough… Contradiction was born in 2008 when Bridgette delved into the world of alternative modeling. There, she found acceptance and tolerance, and hasn’t slept since! Her 1st real gig was as a Hollow Girl – metal pinup model for the bands Death Dealer and Hollow. Enter at risk her morbid twisted dreams.



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