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The Stone: supernatural reports on the set

The British psychological thriller, The Stone, being filmed in Nottinghamshire, England, seems to have brought to life some peculiar paranormal events. On the very first day of shooting the Director, Philip Gardiner, found his mobile phone ringing even though it had been turned off. The actress, Layla Randle Conde was stood before him in a scene and yet when Gardiner looked at his phone it was Layla calling him. Her phone was in her bag some distance away.

Following this was a rapid succession of batteries draining instantly, more mobile phones playing up, car alarms going off, photographs of bizarre light effects, kettles constantly turning themselves on and dials on cameras working as if they were in the Twilight Zone. The events were so regular that it inspired some of the cast to actually return to the set during the night to hold seances where they reported strange feelings and an evil presence.

“It’s a fascinating experience even if you don’t believe in the paranormal because we we’re actually filming a horror movie. It’s as if fiction is coming to life and in all honesty I didn’t mind because it has brought an extra edge of tension to the filming.” Said Gardiner.

The movie, being filmed on location at one of the UK’s most haunted sites is already drawing attention from the world of paranormal research with one expert saying that it’s one of the biggest “events” in years. Set to be released in 2011 following a festival tour, the film is produced by Reality Films and has been written by the Director, Philip Gardiner, who wanted a completely different approach to his film.

“I didn’t want to copy Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity. I’m aiming at classic British horror in the vein of the very best Hammer House. We have so many scary scenes that the editing is going to be hard work, but the location, cast and even the music are just so perfect that I am totally enthused by the whole thing.” Said Gardiner.

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