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SCREAM FACTORY Celebrates One Year With A Pair Of New Releases

It’s been a great year indeed and SCREAM FACTORY is in full blown celebration mode. It really doesn’t seem like they’ve been around that long all ready but when you look back on the myriad of horror awesomeness they have let loose it certainly stokes you for what’s to come in year two.

They’ve just announced a couple new releases headed our way, a couple more long lost 80’s fear fests.


Eli and Caroline MacCleary are on their honeymoon driving through the middle of nowhere in Mississippi when their car gets a flat. Leaving his wife with the car, Eli hikes off to find a tow truck. While he’s gone, a mysterious creature attacks and rapes Caroline. Upon returning, Eli rushes his wife to the hospital. Seventeen years pass. Caroline bore her rapist’s child and she and Eli have raised the boy, Michael, as their own. But now Michael is suffering some inexplicable health problems his doctor can’t explain. Whatever it is he’s got, it’s genetic.

This was one of those covers that when you went to the “Mom and Pop” video store back in the day just jumped out at you and made you rent it.

And who can forget the Klaus Kinski creeper CRAWLSPACE:

Gunther seems like a conscientious landlord who looks out for his female tenants. What they don’t know is that he has a crawlspace from where he watches their every intimate move and plans their murders.

Ah Gunther, you crazy bastard! This flick is Kinski at his freaky best.

No official cover art of special features yet, hell there isn’t even a firm release date but these babies are heading our way and I trust SCREAM FACTORY to do it right. Keep it here for all the news you need on these awesome releases.

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