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First Official Clip From SLASHER HOUSE Brings The Goods

Been a while since we’ve talked about the indie blood fest SLASHER HOUSE but it’s been worth the wait cause today brings a hot little piece of video from the flick.

Heading to the UK on April 29th SLASHER HOUSE weaves the following tale:

Synopsis: “When Red, a young girl, awakens in a house, she has no idea how she has come to be there. Exploring her surroundings she soon realizes that she is not alone, in fact everyone else in the house is one of the worst serial killers in the world. Now it is a race against time as one by one the cells open and each killer is unleashed to stalk her through the inescapable corridors of the SLASHER HOUSE.”

Chemical Burn is going to be releasing this one in the states although a firm release date has yet to be confirmed. I would suspect it won’t be long till this one will be gracing U.S. DVD players. I’ll keep a close eye and let you know as soon as we have a firm release schedule. For now though, enjoy this nice little clip.

SLASHER HOUSE is directed by MJ Dixon.


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