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Podcast: The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast – Eps 01

Two big events are happening this week: the release of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead (2013) and the launch of the Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast! That’s right, your favorite horror website, HorrorNews.Net, now has its very own horror podcast.

Co-hosts Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr. and Thomas Mariani join together to recap and review the sequel to the 1981 Sam Raimi classic, Evil Dead. The grue-crew discuss the merits of  the film, the success of the movie’s theatrical box office and Jane Levy’s instant rise to scream queen status. The review is surprisingly divisive with not every co-host liking the new film while they all share the same experience in the theater. It’s unanimous,  Evil Dead is a brilliant film to see in a crowded theater delivering chills, screams and buckets of blood.

The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast
Episode 1 – Evil Dead (2013)
(64min, 29.72MB)
Direct Download

In addition to the review, the grue-crew discuss this week’s news in horror cinema. The first item is the passing of Friday the 13th Part 3 actor Richard Brooker who was the first to portray Jason Voorhees in his iconic hockey mask. Next up is the release of the trailer for the upcoming Carrie (2013) remake featuring Chloe Grace Moretz. Then, Dave has a follow up on Evil Dead picking up big box office. This is followed by two genre related TV shows get their second season, The Following and Bates Motel, with a little sidebar discussion on Hannibal. In internet news, Dave shares ehorrorbargains.com where the site shares free (or nearly and newly free) e-books, including authors such as Dean Koontz, Brian Keene, Joe Hill and Stephen King.

Just like peanut butter & chocolate, death & taxes and blood & guts, Evil Dead (2013) and The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast are the perfect pairing providing extraordinary discussions for the premiere episode. Connect with the co-hosts on your favorite social networks today, share your thoughts, provide feedback and suggest future topics and films:

Doc Rotten: facebook DoctorRotten, twitter @doc_rotten
Dave Dreher: facebook drehershouseofhorrors, twitter @savinifan
Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr.: facebook theblacksainthnn, twitter @tbssaysyou
Thomas Mariani: twitter @notthewhostommy.

Special thanks and a big shout out goes to the band Tear Out Your Heart and Victory Records for allowing HorrorNews.Net to sample music from their single Undead Amthem for the podcast’s intro and outro theme music. Check them out and tell them The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast sent you their way!


  1. We want to hear from you! We now have a Speakpipe account where you can leave us a 90 second voice message for the podcast. All you need is a PC/Mac and a Mic, no fee, no charges, no calls. We look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Nice work guys!, the community group talk is a nice contrast. It will be great once we start signing up guest spots for actors and such to chime in on their latest efforts.

    We get ALOT of requests so that shoudn’t be a problem

    Also a nice contrast from our former “all chick podcasts”, who talked about everything “except” horror….LOL

    I’m setting aside all the crappy films for review, for Santos, since he hated “Evil Dead”…….(haha just kidding)……

    In any case, great start- keep it up!

  3. The Black Saint

    I knew I would face the wrath of the big boss man after he heard the show…

  4. Great Refreshing Podcast . Bonedigger is on the money about it being a top notch group discussion. It’s a bunch of horror fans doing what horror fans do best…talking about horror.

    Wait… we had a all chick podcast?


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