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Embrace the Ethereal with Vampyr

Prepare to abandon inhibition, submit to your senses and embrace the ethereal unto enigmatic musical composer Steven Severin. A two evening enchantment happening on Friday November 9th at The Wolf Performance Hall in London, Ontario – 251 Dundas St., and Saturday November 10th at Nocturne – 550 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario is host to unleashing the hypnotic presence of a unique and haunting musical score to Carl Theodore Dreyer’s silent film Vampyr. With the 1932 silver screen classic Severin has added a new dementia unto chiller film fans. Previously embedded well in the annals of the silent film era, Severin’s unique twist enhances raw emotion breathing new life with a gripping musical score.

As the third accompaniment in the Music for Silents series, Vampyr embodies the surreal in synthesized highly atmospheric splendor.

Fans of the London, UK punk and alternative music scenes may remember Steven Severin as co-founding member of Siouxsie and The Banshees. One of the few genre bands that managed to reinvent their content before disbanding in 2002. His endeavors can now be found in musical scores for television and film.

Vampyr is loosely based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 tale titled Carmilla which preceded Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 25 years. Allan Grey is a young traveller who arrives in a remote castle for shelter and solace. Bizarre, inexplicable sights begin to unveil themselves unto Grey from a shadow that seemingly has a life of its own to a scythe wielding figure with a toll bell delivering a terrifying dream of his own burial.

Severin’s contributions will surely haunt your soul and resonate within your dreams far beyond the final credits.

David Daniloff is Severin’s Canadian show producer and founder of MacabreCon 2013, Canada’s premiere forthcoming stand-alone horror convention.

Severin’s Canadian Facebook Event Pages found here:
London: www.facebook.com/events/127571574060542/
Toronto: www.facebook.com/events/112798495546406/

For more show information on Steven Severin, Music for Silents and Vampyr found here:


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