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Film ‘Blood Reunion’ Gathers It’s Cast

The latest feature film from horror indie filmmaker Jim DeVault is slated to go before the cameras in July. DeVault, whose previous titles include the slasher mystery The Sisters Four (2008) and torture thriller The Fun Room (2010), is tackling vampires this time around with Blood Reunion, which is scheduled to hit the shelves on DVD in 2013.

The story concerns Janeth, who was sent away to live with relatives as a child after finding her mother dead. Unknown to her, her mother was the victim of a vampire, who was imprisoned in her grave. Now, fifteen years later, Janeth has returned to come to terms with her unpleasant memories, and unwittingly sets her mother free. The freed vampire has a fifteen year old thirst to satisfy: for blood and revenge on the priest who imprisoned her.

The project is currently in the casting stages, but cast members already include Nicole Holt, who also appeared in The Fun Room, and is also producing. Other cast members attached so far include Paula Solinger, Richard Houghton, Nicole Holt (also in The Fun Room), Tim Newkirk and Chris Macone. Coordinating stunts is stunt and martial arts expert Billy Leo.

DeVault, who is both writer and director, is famous (perhaps infamous) for working with a miserly budget, and yet has been able to turn out some decent productions, given what he has historically had to work with. “I love filmmaking. I know filmmakers and actors who will sit around and do nothing while they wait for someone to pay them. I don’t wait, I get it done. If it means doing it on a budget, fine, but while they’re still waiting I’m getting it done.” He adds, “I like getting paid, too, but I love the art as well.”

The film is to be released on DVD sometime in 2013.

IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt2393737/
OFFICIAL SITE: stonebellcreations.com/BloodReunion/
OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/BloodReunion

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