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Daily Fearcast App for IPhone Predicts Your Doom

Daily Fearcast is now predicting your frightful future

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. – Horror fans around the world can now see what frightful events are in store for them. Daily Fearcast, the best horror-themed horoscope iPhone app on the market, was released today in the App Store. It is available for iPhone and iPod touch for $1.99.

“Now instead of reading my daily horoscope, I read my Daily Fearcast at 10 a.m. every day,” said Mike Blakely, a reviewer from Best-Horror-Movies.com. “Having this app has added a bit of horror joy into each day, and is two bucks well spent.”

The app allows you to choose your astrological sign and then it will notify you daily when you have a new fearcast available. Users can also view “Other Fates,” by selecting a different sign of the zodiac, to read the fates of their friends (or enemies). Observant fans of the horror genre will find hidden references to many iconic horror films, novels and video games throughout the fearcasts. App users can also share their fearcasts through Facebook, Twitter or by email. The app includes original artwork created specifically for Daily Fearcast that depicts scary versions of each of the 12 astrological signs.

As an example of the scary predictions included in the Daily Fearcast app, the following is today’s Leo fearcast:

“You should feel optimistic and confident that you’ll beat the odds and survive until the end of the day. There is no one out to get you and no full moon to bring out any monsters. So why the long face? You may have cause to worry after all, if someone strange appears in your life. He’s damned and you will be too. On second thought, today would be a good day to give up and go home.”

The app was made in America by Galvanized Studios, a small business started by a husband and wife team in San Diego, Calif. This is the first app released by Galvanized Studios.

“We are excited for the release of our first app, Daily Fearcast,” said Jessica Berlin, chief operating officer of Galvanized Studios. “We chose this as our first app because we thought it would be a good project to learn the ins and outs of app development. We’ve learned a lot through this process and it was much harder than we thought it would be. After nine months of hard work we feel like we’ve developed a quality app that horror and horoscope fans will enjoy.”

When Galvanized Studios started, the owners made a decision that they also wanted this to be a company that gives back. For each app Galvanized Studios develops, the owners will select a charity to give a portion of the app’s proceeds to. For Daily Fearcast, the company selected the Getty Owl Foundation (gettyowl.org), whose mission is to help families fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the number one genetic killer of children under two.

“We chose this charity because when I first heard the story of the founders of the Getty Owl Foundation and their daughter Getty Storm, I cried,” said Catherine Wood, who inspired the idea for Daily Fearcast and is a consultant to Galvanized Studios on the app. “I can only imagine the Storm family’s devastation in knowing that their only daughter has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As a mother of two children, I can’t fathom what their family goes through every day. I have been moved by their strength, and I am honored to help out other SMA families in any way I can.”

Galvanized Studios is now beginning work on its second app and has plans for many more mobile apps and games in all genres. Look for more from Galvanized Studios in the future.

To purchase Daily Fearcast from the App Store, go to itunes.apple.com/us/app/daily-fearcast/id509969912?ls=1&mt=8.

For more information about Daily Fearcast and Galvanized Studios, visit www.dailyfearcast.com or follow us at www.facebook.com/DailyFearcast, www.facebook.com/GalvanizedStudios, or on Twitter @GalvanizedApps

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