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First Vlog Back!

Be patient with me! Getting used to it all ;)


  1. michael cristian

    I think the new DARK SHADOWS movie should’ve cast an unknown actor. To me DEPP has already done a ‘dark shadows’ film with SLEEPY HOLLOW & THE DEMON BARBER!! Yes, of course Depp is a wonderful actor but I think certain films & perhaps new directors should explore new & open cinematic ground! Many thanks! : )

    Michael Cristian (actor)

    • I think Depp could have pulled it off it they didn’t make him so f’in campy. Depp is absolutely amazing, as is Burton, but there is something just so generic added to the whole series. I am at battle with a few people over this because they said I should have expected such from Burton. You never know what exactly to expect, Burton hasn’t always taken campy to this level…witht the exception of ALICE but that was acceptable due to the film’s premise in the first place.

  2. The Black Saint

    It’s nice to see the face attached to the voice! You look great & I hope this becomes a regular feature here on HN Dai.

    “Carrie” was remade as a TV film & it sucked. I abhor the idea of another remake but Moretz is a great choice to play her & if the rumors are true & Jodie Foster plays her mom then it is worthy of some interest from me.

    I just don’t get the “Dark Shadows” trailer & the direction it seems the film is taking. But I just can’t ignore it completely as it is a Tim Burton film we’re talking about & even his failures (I’m talking about you “Planet Of The Apes”) are interesting, if not thematically then visually anyway. But I am confused as to the campiness of it all at this point.


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