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Covens, curses and gore on the latest “Midnight Hour”

Fans of retro comic book horror will be happy to hear that the cult TV series, “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour,” is currently preparing an all-new tale of mayhem for its fans. Principal photography has wrapped on the show’s latest fourth-season outing, aptly titled “Flesh Eaters of Candlemas Eve.” As its name suggests, there are witchcraft and zombie elements to this entry, which will air throughout June of 2012.

Darwin Spaysky, who can be seen throughout the month of March playing the male lead in the show’s current episode, “Experiment in Horror,” returns as the sleazy husband of glamorous Carrie (April Canning). Carrie’s involvement in a local coven’s nasty activities has not ended well, leading to a shocking disfigurement and several bloody deaths.

Series veteran Melissa O’Brien plays coven leader Gràinne. She and newcomers Rose Fox Armstrong and Sherri Nelson-Jones each turn in memorable performances. Director of photography Peter Fox lensed the episode with his signature stylishness and footage is currently in the hands of co-producer/film editor Brian Schoof, whose glossy style and CGI work continue to shine.

“I’ve always enjoyed entertaining and, if possible, startling others,” says series creator Lee Martin. “Without those outlets, life would be very, very dull.”

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