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Buffalo Nickel Productions – 3 New Horror Features NewYork Style

Buffalo, New York – Buffalo based production house Buffalo Nickel Productions is in various stages of production on three new feature films: Decayed, Banshee, and Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster. Emil J. Novak, who also co-founded the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, is the driving creative force behind all three films.

Frankenstein’s monsters, and one mean monster bitch

Decayed, a quasi anthology of four interlinked tales involving a worldwide plague of “zuvembies,” is the closest to completion, with the rough cut being fine tuned now. The stories feature characters adrift on a boat, ala Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat; members of a pirate radio station spreading information that the government wishes to contain; researchers seeking a cure to the plague; and the patrons of a bar who discover it’s sometimes better to go home early. The film showcases special make-up effects by Arick Szymecki, Andrew Lavin, and Amy Toth of Anomaly Effects, and many stills from the production appear in the new book Filming the Undead: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie by fellow make-up effects guru Rod Durick of Zombified Studios.

Banshee, produced in association with Nightmare Kinetics, is also in post-production, with some additional shooting planned. This film brings the classic Irish monster and her brood of hungry beasties to the Central Terminal Station in Buffalo. The production team shot on the grand concourse of the enormous art deco structure, as well as on the tower’s top floor, which entailed hauling equipment up seventeen flights of stairs. Melantha Blackthorne is featured, with special make-up effects by Lavin, David Grey, and Sean Flahive.

BNP’s most ambitious production films this spring: Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster, an amalgam of Mary Shelley’s original novel, James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein, and Hammer’s classic series. The script details the many failed experiments and creations of Dr. Frankenstein (played Michael O’Hear, who appeared in House of Horrors: the Movie and Slime City Massacre) during his obsessive quest for the secrets of life. Blackthorne, John Renna (SCM), and Daniel James portray the creatures, with special make-up effects designed by Szymecki and Durick. A promotional trailer for the film is now online.

Novak writes, directs, shoots and produces his films, sometimes in collaboration with others. “As an independent filmmaker, I strive for a balance between visual and scripted storytelling. Too many filmmakers today are content to emphasize one over the other, and the results are sometimes uneven. At Buffalo Nickel Productions, we want to make movies as good as they used to be.”

Buffalo Nickel Productions: www.buffnickelproductions.com/
Decayed Trailer: vimeo.com/29318088
Banshee Trailer: vimeo.com/35819374
Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster trailer: vimeo.com/35527860
Anomaly Effects: www.anomalyfx.com/
Zombified Studios: www.zombifiedstudios.com/

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