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Interview: Christopher Garetano (Horror Business, CottonMouth)

Heya my peeps! Have you heard of the new movie COTTONMOUTH coming out? Well if ya haven’t, check out what Christopher Garetano has to say about it! I gave him the who, what, when, where, and why and this is what he gave us:

What is the movie about?

Cottonmouth is a serious social statement disguised as a pulp horror story. It’s faithfully based on Steve (Swamp Thing) Bissette’s 1986 comic strip of the same name. In then early eighties Toxic Shock syndrome (a type of staph infection) was blamed primarily on tampons. These infections were deadly and many woman succumbed to their wrath. Cottonmouth is a bit of a period piece because since the early eighties it has been discovered that Tampons aren’t the sole cause of this infection. The story is about four victims of the infection who rise from the grave to take their revenge.

Who stars in the movie?

The movie stars John Brodie as the company “man”. John was actually one of the subjects of my documentary Horror Business. Debbie Rochon and Monique Dupree play two of the vengeful dead.

Where was the movie shot?

Some of it was shot in a nice big studio.. Some of it was shot in my backyard. All of it was shot in New York. Before it premieres on Halloween you can actually see the making of cottonmouth as a series of short documentary’s on the official website, www.cottonmouth.tv

Why did you decide to make this movie?

This was actually a favorite comic book of my childhood so it’s something that I really wanted to do. After working on three feature documentaries back to back. I wanted to take a break from them and do something short and sweet so fate brought me back to Cottonmouth. Little did I know that my “short and sweet” project would take two years to complete.

When is the movie due to be released?

You can see Cottonmouth and a ton of great horror content on the official website. All October long there will be updates on the site and the movie will premiere on Halloween. We’re also planning a special edition DVD which will include a 50 minute making of and a myriad of other goodies. Also there will be a reprint of the original comic and everything that was displayed on the website.

So Make sure to check it out! This is your twisted little minx saying..

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