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Ryan Matthew Cohn on THE GASH 8/2/2011

Ryan Matthew Cohn of the hit show ODDITIES will be stopping by our wickedly lovely podcast THE GASH for an interview on Tuesday August 2nd, 2011.

Cohn is known for his brilliant work on the television show for not only his amazing collection of skulls and taxidermy collection, he is also a master at crafting Beauchene “exploded” skulls.

ODDITIES follows the owners of OBSCURA ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES owners Mike and Evan on their adventures in finding and selling antiques and rare items that you really can’t find in other places. But don’t be mistaken, this ain’t a shop for old ladies. Here you can find rare and collectable items such as oddly large gall stones, straight jackets, outdated medical equipment, two-headed stuffed animals, miniature teddy bears made out of belly button lint, outdated mortuary supplies, along with other incredibly interesting items that they set out to obtain for customers and what is brought into them from collectors of the strange and morbidly weird.
Cohn works in and for the shop and is normally seen dealing with the bones that are brought in for different purposes.

In the episodes that are currently being shown on the Science channel, we have learned that:
A – He has an aversion to other people’s toenails and art made of them
B – He has one of the most amazing collections of skulls most people have ever seen
C – He gets nervous and talks a lot when he is in front of a girl he likes
D – He is brilliant in his skill of reconstructing skeletons and exploding skulls

Another craft Cohn has mastered is his ability to design and create jewelry for men that would fit the taste of any male. He has recently co-opened the new store AGAINST NATURE located in New York City.
The shop caters to the men who liked to be well dressed in style and a few things for the ladies as well.

So remember! Join us August 2nd, 2011 at 8pm PST/ 11pm EST at to check out the show!
If you sign in or register with the site  you will be able to submit questions for Ryan to answer during the live show and chat with Dai, Nita, and Creepy Dave.
We will see you then!

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