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Buffalo Screams Festival Dates and ‘The Burning’

Buffalo, New York – The Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival has announced several key aspects of its 2011 programming. The festival will run for five days this year, from Wednesday, October 26th through Sunday, October 30th; the location remains The Screening Room Cinema Café in Amherst, outside Buffalo. The opening night film will be a 30th anniversary screening of THE BURNING, and the festival organizers will honor screenwriter and producer Roy Frumkes for his dedication to independent filmmaking.

“THE BURNING was shot in Tonawanda, 20 minutes from here,” says Emil Novak (writer and director of the upcoming zombie anthology DECAYED), who co-founded Buffalo Screams with fellow indie filmmaker Greg Lamberson (SLIME CITY MASSACRE). “We have an active independent horror filmmaking community in Buffalo, and it’s easy to pinpoint this classic 1981 slasher film as the beginning of the movement here. We’re actively searching for locals who worked on the film to participate in the festivities.”

THE BURNING was produced by Bob Weinstein, who helped create the story with his brother Harvey, among others. The film features special make-up effects by Tom Savini and early appearances by Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter, and Fisher Stevens.

Roy Frumkes also has an association with Buffalo. He screened a 35mm, uncut print of STREET TRASH in the area several years ago, before it was released on DVD, and premiered his romantic comedy THE SWEET LIFE there. He also screened rough cuts of his feature length documentaries THE MELTDOWN MEMOIRS and THE DEFINITIVE DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD in the Nickel City, as well as the short film SWIRLEE starring James Lorinz. Last year, the festival presented the same award to Debbie Rochon.

“Roy was my teacher back at the School of Visual Arts in 1982 and 1983, and we’ve remained friends,” says Lamberson. “I’ve brought him to Buffalo a number of times, and this time it’s to honor him for his important contributions to the genre, both as a filmmaker and as a teacher.”

Additional guests and events for Buffalo Screams will be announced in the future. The deadline for film submissions is September 15th.


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