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News, Ask Me, Viscera Film Fest, and Stuff

Heya Freaks and Minx!
As I have noted to you all before, this is going to be a very random column! In keeping with that promise, here are a few new segments I have never done on this column before. (I like to keep you all on your toes. Ha!!) So without further ado… Here we go!

Just a random funny photo.

Horrors In The News

Since I read enough of the terrible things in the news (and admittedly am a bit obsessed) I thought I would share with you guys some of the horrors that have been going on.
Reality is way sicker than fiction.

April 2011 – Santa Cruz, CA police have found the badly decomposing body of an 30-year-old woman just stewing away in a studio apartment. What’s worse is that a 63-year-old man named John Clauer has admitted to living with the corpse for over a week. After he was put into jail for a drug charge, neighbors called police to report a rancid smell. Had he not have been in jail, chances are this guy would still be living with the corpse.

April 2011 – Phillip and Nancy Garrido have pled GUILTY to the kidnapping and captivity of Jaycee Dugard.
For those who have lived under a rock, Jaycee was kidnapped in the 80s and presumed dead until she was found, along with her and Garrido’s two children, living in tents in Garrido’s back yard in Antioch, CA.
The Garrido’s had originally pleaded not guilty this month but in a surprise turn of events, decided to fess up.
Nancy is set to be sentenced to over 30+ years while Phil gets over 400+.

April 2011 – In an McDonald’s in Baltimore, MA, a fight broke out between two black females and a transgendered white female which was supposedly because the male suitor of the one the black females had spoken to the white female before she entered the bathroom. Now, I said ‘fight’, but this was not a fight. This was the cowardly act of two incredibly ignorant people, ganging up on one and beating the sh*t out of her.
One interesting thing about this video is how only one person REALLY attempted to help while a manager clucked around like a retarded chicken and another employee used his phone to record the event, rather than CALL THE POLICE. The victim has recovered from her injuries and the two assailants (one was only 14 years old!) are being charged with assault. Here is the video. WARNING: This is disturbing…on a few levels.

It’s this type of stuff where I believe some parents should be caned for not swallowing or aborting. Maybe if these kids would have had their asses whipped by their parents while growing up…

April 2011 – John Eckhart and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Alayna Higdon, have pled NOT GUILTY in the case against them which involves starving and caging John’s 5 and 7 year old autistic sons. Pissed off yet? Apparently the 5 year old was so starved, he weighed below 30lbs. Both children have been treated for starvation and are now in the care of foster families. This case is still ongoing…

April 2011 – A terrible series of storms have wrecked through parts of the south, including my home state of Alabama. The death toll continues to rise and the devastation is completely unimaginable.
My heart is with you all, Alabama. You will always have my heart.

Ask Dai, She‘ll Tell Ya!

Just as a fun addition to this edition, I thought it would be fun to answer some questions. I was asked quite a few but chose these to answer since they were asked first. If you guys like this segement, let me know and I will continue it each new edition!

Raivenn M. – What was the first moment you knew you wanted to do what u do?
Dai – When I was a young girl, I would write all of the time. I always knew I wanted to be a writer and happily fell upon HNN to be able to incorporate my favorite films and my favorite hobby into my job. The acting and modeling is a plus. J

JimmyO B. – Why do many of the owners of Horror Conventions treat the indi folks like second class citizens when they actually do as well and have as much of a draw as say some one who was only in a flick or two – 20 years ago??? Dai – Because a lot of these convention “engineers” have NO clue as to what is relevant in the genre TODAY. They recognize names from 20 years ago but do not spend enough time and effort into looking into what the horror audience is actually

Rusty J. – How many night do you cry yourself to sleep at night wishing I was your boyfriend?? heheheh……..
Dai – I used to every night, to help me with my bulimia. Finally achieved my target weight, thank you for the help.

Heidi M. – Why are there so many bad horror websites?
Dai – Well Heidi, the answer to that is simple. After masturbating to internet p*rn 22 hours a day started to lose it’s luster, people realized there was an entire world of unlimited internet space out there. But the dilemma was now that they wanted recognition as well as something new to jack off too. So they started making film review sites to bash films, even some that they had never seen, just to get off on the fact that people were paying attention to them. Then someone realized that if they made a website about horror, they could watch all of the bloody tits in the films, jack off to the actresses, then jack off to writing horrid reviews. Soon there after people started making horror sites to “interview” celebrities (I used quotations because it is actually a way to try to become friends with them or f*ck the actresses) for their own personal gain. Through the flames a couple of good ones popped out, ones with real intentions, and soon WOMEN started to get involved as well. But sadly, 95% of these sites are still just portals for lonely guys behind a computer desk and in their mother’s basements to jack off and make themselves believe they will be remembered when their pitiful existence ceases to walk the earth. Hope that helped! :D

Reviews For Games and Applications That You Can Get On Your Android Market

So, I play enough of these that I figured I would start giving you a heads up on some of the good ones, and not so good ones, that you can find in the Android market for your smart phone.
I will review these as I find them.


This is a fun little game where you can pick to be a zombie or vampire (or both if you are really dedicated) to battle other players, complete missions, and gain slaves in order to level up and gain infamy in the VL/ZL networks. You earn blood if you are a vampire or meat if you are a zombie to buy better abilities that will help you bet your opponents. You also use the points to buy slaves that will be needed in later levels to get the better and more vicious abilities. The object of the game is to level up as much as you can, get as many clan members as you can, and become unbeatable.

Good points:
This is a good little way to kill a lot of time and obsess over something that will never really pay off in life. This has kept me busy for those moments I have nothing better to do than to stare at my phone and mess with people.

Bad points:
There are no real graphics here. Battling and missions consist of you pushing a button and waiting to see how much money you gain or if you have lost.
It also doesn’t explain that you need to buy as many slaves as you can in the beginning or you will be forced to camp out (like I am now) to build up more points to be able to afford the abilities you need to have in later levels.

Funny points:
You GOTTA check out how these people have made teams and become so ridiculously dedicated to it. There is one crew that will message each other to attack someone and when they do they write “the dark Lord sent me” on their walls, like they are some kind of real gangster assassins. It makes me laugh to read the different posts people put to each other.

This game is worth the download for some free time killing fun. Just don’t get it if you are expecting to be able to watch the attacks and missions. BTW, if you do, my clan code is ACBDTD. Ha!!

This game is more like a puzzle than anything else.
The objective is to use the limited number of bullets you are given to take out a predetermined group of zombies.
The less amount of bullets you use to complete the level, the higher number of stars you get.
After you get so many stars, it opens up another set of levels to complete.

Good points:
This one requires a lot more skill and brain power for some of these levels. It actually gives you a feeling of accomplishment to get through some of these levels as a few of them can be hard as hell! Plus, it’s incredibly addicting.

Bad points:
There are points where you feel like a complete idiot for not being able to figure out how to get all the stars. That’s when you start to feel a little stupid.

Funny points:
I swear this guy looks like Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead.

I really like this game. I say go for it!

THEY LIVE GOGGLES (Derived from John Carpenter’s THE LIVE)
COST: $0.99

This app was created to give you the glasses Roddy Piper wore on THEY LIVE.
You point it around the room and it is supposed to show you who is around you that is a alien zombie and reveal their subliminal messages.

Good points:
It’s cool to point it at your TV and see the words “OBEY”.

Bad points:
It freezes and lags most of the time and really doesn’t work that well. You also have to force it close a lot.

Developers have updated it to make it faster but people are still complaining of the same problems. I have removed it from my phone as well.
Plus, I heard it doesn’t work on black people…

I will have more for this next time! If you have an app or game you think I should review, let me know in the comment section of this column. Thanks J


The official selections for the upcoming Viscera Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, have been announced.
For those of you who are unfamiliar, the VFF is a film festival that celebrates films made by, written by, and acted by women in the horror genre. Shannon Lark and Heidi Martinuzzi put this fest together to celebrate and profile women’s roles in the horror genre and give them an outlet to show their talents.
This year, you will be able to see such films as:

THE KEY TO ANNABEL LEE by Stacy Layne Wilson
THE GHOST AND US by Emily Carmichael
BOX by Nikki Wall
BON APETIT by Kate Shenton
As well as many others!

To see the full list of films, please visit:

You can also check out the official VFF website at:

Make sure to click the Indie GoGo link out as well and donate a couple of dollars if you can. ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by DOTD!
Comments, Questions, Complaints?? Leave them in the comment section below. You can also just say hello under there, I’d love to hear from you!

Also, make sure to check out THE GASH every Monday night to see what Nita Burson and I have been up to during the week. That show gets me in more trouble…. But at least I know you guys like it. HAHA

See you all next column edition!



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