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Horror Talk: 10.14.2008

What’s up all!!!
Well things have been kick ass on my side of the world. Got to talk to the beautiful Raine Brown, the hottie with the killer body Tracy Coogan, and the always wonderful Zack Parker! So, umm can’t complain. I want to touch on something that I have been asked a few times over the last week.

I am a HUGE Indy supporter! Don’t get me wrong, I love the bigger films that keep us up and trembling at night, but there is magic when it comes from someone who really wants to entertain you and not just make the big bucks.And that includes all areas of the Indy world. From films, to music, to clothes. I have found some awesome clothes from independent designers that will be on my tiny little body way before an Armani will.It’s all about the fans and that’s what these people target! Not just the rich and famous but the po’ broke ho’s of the world, like me, too!


News Quickies:
‘Because who doesn’t like a quickly every now and then?!’

The Faces of Death 30th anniversary edition is being released on Blu-ray disc:I don’t care how fake it is, this movie is the original mind —- of our generation! Complete with commentary this is something to run out and get.

Gidget Gein (Bradley Stewart) died Oct 9, 2008:
The original bassist of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids has left us. With a sad nod and a heavy heart I say ‘goodbye and rest well my love’.

Ghostbusters 3???:
In a recent interview Bill Murray hints that a new GB may be coming our way! I’m such a dork I say lets get the protoplasm started! haha Is my pocket protector showing?!

New horror flick “The Children” comes out to play. Pics and trailer available at shocktillyadrop.com:
I’m just letting you know that I have contacted my lawyers and will be filing suit against the makers of this film. No one gave them permission to document my day to day activities and publish my children’s’ behaviors!
Plus, my kids have their good moments…they have to sleep don’t they!

Steven C Miller in final talks to direct the new ‘Motel Hell’:
I am really excited to see this film because I am a fan of the original. That said…What the crap is up with all the remakes?! When the hell did Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs become CEO of the horror genre?! Not hating Puffy, but this is getting a little redundant. I’m gonna remake a movie! Watch out, coming to a theatre near you, directed by critically acclaimed smart ass Dai, Saw 4, because it made some money and she is broke so go see it because it’s Saw 4 and she is a capitalist! (I apologize in advance if anyone was offended. But if you were, loosen up the panties! *wink*)

The UK’s thrill-capital, Thorpe Park, announced “SAW:
The Ride:
Man! The english have all the cool stuff!
Coming in 2009.

Quarantine takes the number 2 spot at the box office ($14,200,000):
So in your face naysayers who thought this was a cheap rip off of 28 Days Later and Cloverfield! Been to see it yet? Drop me a line of your opinion and it might end up here next week!

New stuff coming up:

Horrornews.net is looking for columnists:
Wanna do what I do? Have an area of expertise that you would like to share with the black masses? Let us know!
Send an email to submissions@horrornews.net and tell us what ya can do. Hey, if your good enough, you can share in the glory that is us! haha

Calling all Indy clothing companies:
Wanna get your products out there?!
Wanna see your apparel on this hot little demoness you call Dai right here in this column?!
Email me at whatsthebloodydeal@yahoo.com and ask for details!

Fests and shows:
Email us here a the column and tell us what ya have going on!
I will start posting them as soon as I get em!

What I’m watching:
by special guest:
Christian Sellers of GoreZone Magazine

I’ve never been a fan of gothic horror, yet somehow I’ve managed to see several this week.

Possibly the biggest letdown was Kill, Baby…Kill!, an Italian ‘masterpiece’ from the 1960’s by Maria Bava, truly one of the greatest filmmakers that Europe has produced. Kill, Baby…Kill has constantly been praised for its style and atmosphere, yet I found this a very slow and drawn out affair, with very few shocks or memorable moments. I’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of Hammer, yet seeing the 1958 version of Dracula on the big screen was an experience that prompted me to seek out more. So the first out of the ‘Hammer Collection’ boxset was, naturally, Dracula Prince of Darkness. Despite treading familiar territory, this was an entertaining movie with a typically over-the-top performance from Christopher Lee.

Sadly, Peter Cushing did not reprise his role as Van Hesling, and Lee had barely any screen time, but there was something in its campy charm that I found delightful.

I decided to revisit the original, the 1980 slasher Terror Train (though technically the filmmakers now insist that this is no longer a remake). I have always been a huge an of this subgenre, despite many of them being abysmal. While Terror Train has never made its way into my favorites, there’s plenty here to recommend if you’re a fan of this type of film. First of all, the fancy dress subplot allows for various gimmicks, the most effective being the image of the killer stalking his victims in a Groucho Marx mask – bizarre yet creepy. There’s not much blood on display here, and fans of T&A will be disappointed by the lack of flesh, but the key element here is tension. Terror Train was designed more as a murder mystery, and in many ways it succeeds. Despite being occasionally dated in places, this is a must-see for slasher fans. To make up sitting through several dire efforts, I went with a safe bet… The Bird With the Crystal Plumage. Dario Argento has always split audiences and critics alike, with the amateur acting and bad dubbing diminishing the overall effect of many of his films. Yet his 1970 debut stands as one of his best efforts.


Congrats to Chris S. Who won our Horror-News-Zombie contest!

Well here is another chance to win your very own copy of Trailer Park Of Terror!!!

This weeks contest is designed to make you use that horrific morbidly beautiful half eaten brain of yours!
All you have to do is write a short story (a few paragraphs will do but no more than 800 words) and include the following:
-Dai (the most beautimus of all evil minx haha)
-horrornews.net (the greatest horror site in the world!)
-Trailer trash zombies (since that IS the premise of the movie you want to win)
and everything else is up to you!
Send all submissions to:
and stay tuned for next weeks winning entry to be posted right here!
Good luck and get those creative pusses flowing!

Well my lovely undead hunnys, its time for me to go off and corrupt the masses!

Many thanks to Christian Sellers for his input on our ‘What I’m Watching’ section! Always a pleasure to hear from you my dear!

Also, congrats again to Chris S. for winning our contest! By the way, got any good gossip you think our readers should hear about? Email us and we will get it right up! Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy story every now and then?!

Until next time my loves…

Stay Twisted!

This edition is dedicated to Gidget Gein. Rest in peace


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