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Horror Talk: 09.11.2008

Hey my lovelies!

Dai here with my new column. This is where you’ll find all things that are of interest to…well YOU of course, the true fans of all things horror!
Also, each week I will give you quick rundowns of different movies (think of them as little mini reviews) to let you know what you should be watching, waiting for, or getting out of your casket to be first in line to get! Also, pay attention to what we are doing here at horrornews.net because there will be some contests, quizzes, and chances for YOU, my lovie, to be spotlighted right here on this page!!

Excited yet? Well here is some more!

Along with my full in depth interviews, I will have some guest drop in from time to time here to just say hi and let us know what’s going on with them.
And I want to hear from you, yes YOU! Don’t think I can’t see you reading this, I have eyes EVERYWHERE!
Dude in the jeans, that’s nasty! Didn’t your mother ever tell you that’s what gives you urinary tract infections?!
Ehhhhhmmm! Ok, back to the topic at hand.

Have something you want to say?
Someone/something you want me to check out?
Know of a good movie/book that we haven’t talked about?
Know where the best Little shop of horrors is?
Events you have coming up in your area?
Hate your boss and want the world to know your Hostel-esque murder plot?
Or just want to say hi?

I want to hear about it!
And if it’s good enough I may just post it here in my column!

Email me at :
And let me know what’s up!

So with all of this good stuff in here make sure you come back in a few days and check out what’s going on.
Also, look me up on myspace at:
to get daily updates of what’s going on here is my cript!

Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Stay Twisted!

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