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Must Have Caskets – Adventures In Event Planning

Hey all!
Welcome back to my friendly, and oh so Dai-ish, column. Ok, I really don’t know what that means but I am going to use it anyway.

This column is going to be detailing my experience with putting together a WOMEN IN HORROR event as will probably the next few.  And OH MAN do I have a lot to say. Both good and some not so good but I think it will be entertaining for you all nonetheless. So without further ado…


As many of you have heard already, I am helping put together a WiH event at Dark Del’s this year.

Actually, this is a mix of a WiH event and an event profiling some wonderful girls who were supposed to be apart of another event but the guy was a butt sucking plagiarist douche bag so we incorporated the two.

Sue and Del Howison of Dark Delicacies (www.DarkDel.com) were so awesome in wanting to have an event for WiH month and for the girls who deserved a bit of press so we got together and put this one together. Here is the official press release:
Feel free to send that to all of your friends ;)

I’m doing my best to cover all aspects of women in horror, I have compiled a list of women who engulf MANY aspects of our industry. I have
An Artist
An Special Effects Artist

and all of them happen to be some of the sweetest people I have met. Some are very familiar faces, some are girls who deserve to get acquainted with you all, and some are ladies who have been in this genre before you knew what the genre was. I am proud to announce them all and hope that you can come out and support these girls.

Our guests include:
– Owner Of Creepy Gothic Dolls
Brooke Lewis – Filmmaker – Actress
Dai Green – Writer – Actress
Eileen Dietz – Actress
Elissa Dowling – Actress
Melissa Krimsky – SFX Artist
Michelle Tomlinson – Actress
Mo Whelan – Writer – Film Maker – Writer
Monique Parent – Actress
Rachael Grubb – Film Maker Actress
Reyna Young – Film Maker – Actress
Tara Cardinal – Film Maker – Actress
Victoria De Mare – Actress

With very special appearances by:
Dana Davidson
Kevin Tenney
Jeff Dylan Graham
Heidi Martinuzzi

and many more!

One thing that I am noticing while putting things together is the amazing attitudes coming from so many women who just want to get out here and promote their work and help promote other women in this genre. There are also some not very savory attitudes that have been showing and I have to say I am VERY disappointed with a few females at this moment.

Let me say this now and be as clear as I can.
Egos are poison and not becoming of ANYBODY. I don’t care how cute you try to be while saying asinine things, they are still asinine and you pretty much look like an ass for saying them.

From my understanding, and the way I am approaching things, this month is to celebrate women on an entire scale…NOT one person. And it is also meant to celebrate ALL women in horror, not just actresses. Because I have class…let me repeat that… because I have class I am going to launch a name smearing campaign against any of the people who have taken this month as a way to be completely self serving yet blame others for doing so. And because I have class I am not going to wage a mini Facebook war towards those who are trying to be completely negative and selfish due to the fact that they feel scorned for no reason. And once again, because I have class I am not going join your petty “I don’t like so and so because she ‘blah blah blah’ and won’t support anything that girl is apart of. I am an adult, guys, I don’t play that crap. This is supposed to be the time when we rise up over any petty crap and band together as a strong force to bring to light the leaps and bounds women have come from the dawn of the horror film.

I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that making it anywhere in this business is tough in the first place but when you work against each other, it only harms yourself. As someone who’s job it is to watch actors and actresses to see how they are developing in their respective areas to be able to point out the talented and the deserving, people who constantly slander, join in to mini fights, and focus on drama more than actually doing something good for themselves are complete throw away people for me. Those people who behave in such a manner are undeserving of any praise or press.”

You don’t step on people to get ahead and you don’t degrade people to make yourself look better. Those with any intelligence will see through it and have nothing to do with you. I am one of those people who will not. I don’t care if you’ve made 1,000,000 films, I don’t care if you have self promoted until you are blue in the face, I don’t care if you have been on 1,000,000 Indie websites talking about your projects so you feel as if you are a celebrity. If you are ugly on the inside, you are only destined for failure and I don’t have time to waste on it. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in this business is to feed into their own hype. I have seen many who have started in this biz and I have watched many of them self destruct for doing so. Don’t be one of those people.

With all of that being said, I know that this event is going to be amazing and that the support is going to be overwhelming and I THANK YOU to all those who have already been so amazing and supported us so far. This, hopefully, will have to be the last of any negativity that I will have to point out. I can’t wait to keep updating you on what’s going on!

Our sponsors so far include Comic Book Divas, Last Doorway Productions, HorrorNews.net, Dark Delicacies, Fast Custom Shirts, FanGirltastic.com, and many others to be announced. I am so excited!! :D

And Now For Something A Little Different… 6 Feet Under In Style

As I was looking around the net, I came across some awesome looking caskets that I wanted to share!
There are some plain ones, common ones, and then there is the other side of the underworld. Here are some different caskets that you can order to go to your final resting place in style (or shame depending on your choices).

For those Vegas Freaks Out There. Me?! I wouldn't be caught dead... well this is not my choice of a coffin. ;)
Are you a little attached to your iPhone? Here is a way to become your own app!
We can't leave out our vegan friends, now can we?!
Did your loved one die due to unusual circumstances?! Why not get them the "What's Fishy" coffin?!
For our "Die Hard" horror fans! (Pun intended)
Ever sai you were "going to hell in a hand basket"?! Well now you can! At least ina coffin that looks like one!

For more interesting caskets or to even possibly design your own before you meet your maker (or alien creator or just decompose in the dirt; depending on your beliefs), visit:


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s just about it…

I may be a bit short and random in the next few weeks as I have a bunch to do but rest assured that I get back to normal soon!
I will keep you updated with all I have going on so make sure to keep checking back.
Hope you guys have an awesome week and we will talk soon!!


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