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The Horror Community Gives Back – Comic Book Divas, Aid For Aiden, and Toys For Tots

There are a few stories that come out of our community that make my little Grinch hear swell three times the size and this is one of them.

Comic Book Divas have come out with a few awesome ways to give back this season.

Aid For Aiden is a campaign for a little boy who has been affected by lukemia and has used his love of horror characters to help pay for his medical bills. Aiden will draw pictures of different monsters and sells them to help his parents offset the cost of his treatments and hospital stays. As made famous on Etsy.com. , CBD have picked up the torch and are now offering prints of this little darling as his favorite “monster” to earn money for his cause.

To learn more about this and pick up your own print, please visit: www.comicbookdivas.com/2010/11/comic-book-divas-and-scattered-comics-aid-young-artist-aiden-in-fight-against-cancer-monster/

Toys for Tots is one of my favorite causes around this time of year because I know what it is like growing up in a poor household and knowing that if things were strained financially, Christmas wasn’t going to be so cheery. All kids deserve the best around this time of year and that’s why I am so happy to talk about this part.

CBD’s have also teamed up for an even to take place in Sacramento, CA.

A live action even will be set up where various artists will donate pieces of their works and also draw some live in front of an audience to benefit T4Ts!

If you are outside of the Sac area, you can watch and bid live while the event is going on at www.scatteredcomicsstudios.com/2010/11/18/sccg-to-hold-live-art-auction-for-toys-for-tots/

To find out more on the event and the artists and guests who will be attending, please visit: www.scatteredcomicsstudios.com/2010/11/18/sccg-to-hold-live-art-auction-for-toys-for-tots/

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