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Film Review: The Good Sisters (2008)

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Breanne Good (Debbie Rochon, TROMEO AND JULIET) and Kindra Good (April Monique Burril, CHAINSAW SALLY) are sisters with a secret life — practioners of witchcraft, glamours, and black magick. Fiercely protective of their privacy, craft, and ancient bloodline, they become suspicious of their new neighbor Daniel (David Calhoun, CHAINSAW SALLY) who also leads a life shrouded in mystery. Unsure if he is unnaturally obsessed with them – or if they are only being paranoid — the Good Sisters will have to draw all their power about them as it becomes clear their ages-old battle of good versus evil, light versus dark, freedom versus oppression may be about to begin again. Which leaves the question … who is being Good, and who is not?


Upon receiving this film I was a bit unsure of what to expect. Not because I am not a fan of the cast or of the filmmaker but because the whole sisters type deal in a horror film, I was almost positive this was a ‘mans’ type movie. I am actually a fan of JimmyO Burrill (Director), April Burrill (actress), and Debbie Rochon (actress) so I was excited to see this film in my own way. By the way, if you haven’t caught CHAINSAW SALLY yet, make sure to check that one out. It has one of my favorite ways to die in a horror film so far.

So, getting on, I popped the film in started my “Sisters” journey. First thing I saw were the two sisters chanting around an Ouija board in a ceremonious manner. This automatically tipped me off to the whole ‘witch’ aspect of things. So, in all honesty, I was even more inspired to watch. How nice it is to get something different than zombies, gay vampires, confused werewolves, and your countless masked madmen. These girls work in a greenhouse and are living seemingly strange but semi-normal lives although they are starting to suspect that they are being watched and hunted. The dynamic between the two sisters makes it apparent all they have to lean on is each other and survival depends on that. We get introduced to some neighbors who are very suspect in their actions and mannerisms as the girls try to figure out what to do and where to go to ensure they are not found out or even worse…meet the same fate as their foremothers.

The one thing that struck me about this film a little ways into it was that this is like the prequel to Lovecraft’s DREAMS IN A WITCH HOUSE. These girls live in an apartment in a building that used to be a united house with other inhabitants in the same dwelling. Whatever they said or did, the neighbors were well aware of it. Being a HUGE Lovecraft fan, I smiled as that thought ran across my mind. It would complete both stories if that were to be so. So, that’s a cool way of thinking about it but of course it is not an actual prequel, although notably worthy. The only difference is there are two witches in this film and only one in the latter.

I really enjoyed the storyline and concept of this film. Its original, well written, and doesn’t drag like some films tend to especially in the witch area of genre films. The performances by Burrill and Rochon really helped the flow and unity that this movie is based on. These girls had awesome chemistry together. Some of the other performances were enjoyable as well. I loved the smart ass neighbor. Irritation is always fun in a film for me. I hate to think no one else in the world has the irritable demeanor that I happen to thrive on.

Once again I also have to give props to JimmyO. His directorial style is different and refreshing and never overdone. Too many times have I seen an Indie director make these types of films and base 98% of the film on boobs, butts, and blood. JimmyO has all of those aspects in his films and in this one as well, but relies on the content of the actual film rather than anatomy and human fluids. I think many can take a note from this man and see that those three entities do not make a good horror film. Hats off to you JimmyO.

This movie is pretty kick ass to be honest with you. I have watched it a few times now and keep finding things that I like about it. Some of my favorite scenes include the bathtub massacre, the use of a woman’s period, the kick ass Ouija board, scaring the menstruation out of someone, and bye-bye kitty. For the men reading this, you won’t want to miss out on the rituals. If I was a guy, I’m sure they would have had me glued to the screen. Of course to see what I’m talking about you are going to have to pick up this film. And it is one that I completely recommend picking up. This film is creepy, bloody, freaky fun for every horror fan looking for a good flick that can hold your attention visually while keeping your thirst for horror happy.

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