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Red State: Smith’s fundamentalism gone to the extreme

Kevin Smith’s Red State is a horror film in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America. He has been twittering up a storm about things and some of the excerpts are below.

“How graphic so far, violence-wise?” You won’t forget our first kill. Guar-an-teed…
– “what’s the expected runtime of RED STATE?” Feeling like 80 or 85 mins, when all’s said & done.

– “im a non militant reg old christian, will RED STATE be insulting to me” Christ, no – s’just a horror flick. I swear…

– “are you filming in chronological order” Pretty much. We’re at around 52 minutes right now, with 8 days left to shoot.

– “Filming?” 10 days left. Editorially, I’m current w/what’s shot – so at the wrap party, the crew can watch the entire flick.

– “doing a horror movie w/John Goodman?” His first day’s tomorrow! We start him off by showing him the whole flick thus far.

Smith also dropped a few nuggets without being prompted:

– Act 2 is all about self-sufficiency: relying solely on one’s own abilities to achieve & satisfy. No more intermediates; no more middle-men

– In the 70’s, they made exploitation flicks about devil worship. We flip it on RED STATE – so it’s an exploitation flick about angel worship.

– Another quality RED STATE evenin’. Tonight, we badger Matt Jones. 45 mins of footage cut. We’re halfway done. Parks & Leo & ALL crushing it. –

Source: arrowinthehead.com

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