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The Best Movies to Like Casino Games

Casino Gaming has always been an interesting cinematic concept. In other words, entertainment is realized when you play games in the best online casino Australia for real money 2023 and watch characters play in gambling movies. These movies, like casinos, are very educational and can awaken your spot for casino games any day. In that light, this article brings you a rundown of the best gambling movies that can make you fall in love with casino games repeatedly.

Also, you’ll get to discover the casino games you can best learn from watching the best gambling movies today. So without saying too much, let’s explore.

How Do I Identify a Typical Gambling Movie?

Before watching and learning from any of them, you must know what original movies like casino looks like, and if you’re thinking “mafia”, we won’t blame you. And contrary to what many believe, a typical gambling movie isn’t just one with betting wagering scenes. Instead, a complete casino film covers the natural state of every game, the casino feeling, the game’s original rules, like GTA Online’s New Casino does, and the pros and cons of gambling.

So before you emulate the games and style in any of these films, ascertain the qualities mentioned above. Also, it is with these qualities that the following movies are hand-picked.

Mississippi Grind, 2015

The 2015 film was written and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. The film has an IMDb rating of 6.4/10 and a total budget of 7.1 million. Also, the film fulfils all the standards of a typical gaming show, and you stand to gain a lot of knowledge and experience from just watching it.


Mississippi Grind’s story is also quite interesting, featuring Gerry, a real estate agent by profession, and a struggling gambler, who gets to meet another yet younger gambler, Curtis, at a casino in Iowa. The two kick off their friendship almost immediately when Curtis buys Jerry a drink, and Jerry does so in return. The two go on to have a night of fun and drinks.

Soon, Gerry and Curtis win a lot of money but end up wagering it away and even attempt to place a $1000 bet at a pool table. However, the duo would soon run into life issues, as Gerry gets stabbed and has a loan shark breathing down his neck. Afterwards, Gerry suggests he solves his life problems the best way he knows how to, by taking a gambling trip.

The two head to Mississippi and settle in New Orleans, where they participate in a table game with a $25,000 buy-in. However, Curtis’s former acquaintance is hosting the game, and he agrees to spot Mr Gerry for $2000, an amount Gerry would later steal from his office.

After a successful time at the poker tables, Gerry loses everything at Texas Hold ’em but lies to Curtis that he won $7000. That wouldn’t be the last time Gerry lost money to wagers as he would go on to lose on a slot machine, at blackjack, etc. Nevertheless, the two also win some good money playing craps. In summary, the movie covers typical gaming life situations, with all the wins, losses, ecstasy, regret, and a little bit of crime.

Bugsy, 1991

The film, written by James Toback, is a 1991 crime drama classic with a budget of $30.1 million and an IMDb rating of 6.8/10. Although the film is mixed with some romance, it still captures life gaming experiences.


The film tells the true story of Bugsy Siegel, a well-known mafia crime lord who gets romantically involved with Virginia Hall, a top Hollywood actress. Siegel starts his journey by trying to keep control of betting houses throughout Nevada, New York, Los Angeles, etc. The couple goes on to run a very successful gambling and hotel empire worth multi-millions. However, Virginia was only part of this empire once it granted the account to construct the Flamingo Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

Bugsy is eventually killed at his own home, and speaking to the local news in Las Vegas, Virginia, expresses fear for her own life, which she later takes herself. Years later, Bugsy’s dream and investments are believed to have generated over $100 billion in revenue. In summary, the film is good entertainment if you love practical gambling and management.

The Cooler, 2003

The American crime film, written by Frank Hannah and Wayne Kramer, is another film that engages in gambling games. The film has an IMDb rating of 6.9/10 and a budget of $4 million. In addition, The Cooler throws light on the importance of luck at casinos. You’ll undoubtedly get that wagering vibe on this one, especially if luck is shining on you.


The Cooler tells the story of luck in a casino setting. The film features Bernie Lootz, who lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas, who lost all he was worth to a betting addiction and even dived deep into debt he couldn’t pay. Luckily, Shelly, a casino manager in Las Vegas, saves him from his debts in return for his services on the house.

Subsequently, Bernie serves Shelly as a “Cooler”, a term for a person whose bad luck is weaponized to hinder others from winning too frequently. After the stipulated period, Bernie is about to leave the job when Shelly uses Natalie, a barmaid, which Bernie admires, to get him romantically engaged, so he stays. And in no time, Bernie and Natalie became friends and later fell in love.

However, Bernie later reunites with his son and” pregnant wife”, and his new relationship status causes him to lose his calmer influence. This is noticed when Bernie fails to cool his son, Mikey, at Craps.

Later, Bernie and Natalie confess their love for each other, and again, Bernie regains his good luck charm. In summary, the love-luck casino special is one of the surest recommendations in terms of las vegas casino classics for luck-oriented gamblers.

James Bond, Casino Royale

The great Bond franchise took a different dimension in this film. The movie, produced by Micheal G. Wilson, scored an impressive 8.0/10 on the IMDb rating and came off a $150 million budget.


Bond, as an MI6 operator, pursues and kills a bomber which causes International hatred, as he fails to take the bomber alive. Nevertheless, Bond goes on to use the info on the perpetrator’s phone to arrive at the Bahamas and to a Greek official. Bond then participates in card games, wins an Aston Martin from Dimitrios, and even seduces his wife.

Afterwards, Bond traces Dimitrios to Miami and kills him after fending off an attack. However, Obanno’s money is lost in the process, and Le Chiffre puts together a tournament of Texas Hold ’em to recover the amount. This tournament occurs at the Casino Royale, where Bond partners with Vesper Lynd, sitting on a $10 million buy-in.

Bond soon loses his $10 million bet when Le Chiffre is alerted about his tell, and his partner, Vespers, refuses to release a $5 million payment, so Bond continues. But, he is later funded by a fellow player. After a series of altercations, Bond wins the tournament but is trapped and tortured to give up his winnings.

Although Casino Royale doesn’t necessarily capture the everyday life of gambling with friends, it does portray the specifics. As such, the Bond classic is a great casino movie to learn and appreciate the art.

Rounders, 1998

Rounders is another exciting film that will arouse your love for the tables. The drama is written by David Levien and Brain Koppeleman and scored an IMDb rating of 7.3/10.


Rounders tells the story of a Law student and talented card player, Mike, who dreams of making it to the World Series hosted by Teddy KGB. However, his “big dreams” do not come so early, as he loses $30,000 on a single wager at the tables. Defeated and destabilized, Mike decides to quit gambling or at least what he told his girlfriend and fellow student, Gretchen Mol.

Mike then takes up everyday life and focuses on his Law education and job. However, everything changes when his incarcerated friend, Worm, is released from prison and needs to pay back some debt. Mike, trying to remain supportive friends with Worm, lets him gamble on his credit at a casino. However, Worm, despite using the credit, leaves a tab running at Mike’s expenses which eventually leads Mike back to his poker ways.

After some time of winning and losing at the tables, Mike realizes a profit of over $60,000, enough to pay off Worm’s debt and other outstanding bills. Mike eventually quits Law School and moves out to Las Vegas. Overall, Rounders portrays the struggle of average gamblers and is one of the most accurate movies about a casino.

Other Movies Like Casino Include:

  • The Gambler, 1974;
  • Ocean 11, 1960;
  • Molly’s Game, 2017;
  • Bachelor Party Las Vegas, 2006.

Games You Can Best Learn From a Film

So far, it is evident that a good film makes one appreciate casino games. However, some games make better cinematic concepts than others and create different gambling trends. This could be due to many reasons, ranging from the game’s strategies, risk, reward, practicality, etc. In that light, the following are some of the most suitable games you can learn and appreciate from films:

  • Blackjack;
  • Craps;
  • Poker

Final Thought

To summarize, those mentioned above are specially handpicked films with good IMDB rating that can increase your fondness for gambling games any season. From capturing the thrill of gaming to its ups and downs and strategies, every film mentioned so far has been able to capture the very specifics of movies similar to many casino games. Do you still wish the list had something about the mafia in it? Explore your movie library, and you may find more crime bosses involved in the thrill of a game.

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