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Top 7 Upcoming Horror Movies in 2022

The horror movie scene captivates and scares in equal measure. Fans of the genre tend to rely on the scary moments of these horror movies for their entertainment. For the fans, the scarier the movie, the more entertaining it is to watch.

The 21st century has seen a shift in what fans consider entertaining horror movies. Technological advancements mean that directors of these movies can implement the strategy of going beyond the imagination. Technology allows the directors to involve the audience in nature’s different concepts.

Technology also allows the users to access the films from wherever. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) give access to these fans. Another function is VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your online activity to keep it safe. Fans can therefore enjoy these films with the safety of anonymity. Technological advancements mean more people are using VPNs to access information.

In 2022 therefore, the most famous and most awaited horror movies are those that incorporate technology. Horror movies that involve Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) are the most popular types of these films. There will be a lot of bangers in the horror genre in 2022, and the article will highlight the seven most popular ones.

Halloween Ends

2022 begins with a famous horror installment of Scream, and it is bound to offer another dose of another famous movie series. The Halloween movie series is one of the most popular amongst horror movie fans. The storyline between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode has captivated audiences worldwide since 1978, and it comes to an end in 2022.

The film will be the 8th and final installment with Halloween enthusiasts predicting Michael Myers’ demise. Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie, has spoken about how the ending might lead to angry viewers, increasing the mystery. The potential of one last fight between the two horror icons is that many viewers cannot wait to see it in October.

The Black Phone

The movie slated for release in July is one of the most hotly-anticipated horror films. It is one of the horror movies that use potential real-life situations to explain complex situations. The cast is also top class, making the movie’s potential to be high.

Ethan Hawke stars as a serial killer who faces the first form of opposition from a potential victim. The serial killer preys on children until one child can make out the voices of previous victims that aid his escape.

Salem’s Lot

What is a top horror movie list without Stephen King adaptations? The book of the same name by King will be the basis of the film set in September. The film stars Lewis Pullman in the part of the main character.

The film involves a writer going back to his hometown to find a vampire attacking some of his town’s members. The writer decides to stay fighting for his hometown and save the members from the mysterious force.


Jordan Peele will collaborate on another horror film with Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya. The success of Get Out and Us showed the world how good of a horror producer Peele is in the industry. Kaluuya’s success is also tied to his brilliant role in Get Out, making starring in another Peele movie just a matter of time.

Nope centers on an out-of-world experience with a two-minute movie trailer suggesting this plot. The trailer does not give much away, and fans need to wait until July to watch what will be a banger.

Choose or Die

The film is an example of incorporating technology into the film industry. The director relies on technology to recreate scenes as the basis of his plot. In 2022, Choose or Die is the exact type of horror film that gets people off their feet. The film will be in theaters in late April.

The film follows the adventures of Kayla and Isaac, who start to play a 1980s video game with a lump sum of money promised to the winner. As they continue playing the game, the line between reality and the virtual world becomes dimmer.

Dark Harvest

Like Salem’s Lot, the film is a book adaptation and follows the different members of a small town. The film is set for release during the Fall.

It follows a killer who raises every year from the cornfields going to town holding a knife with the town’s locals chasing him every step.


Jared Leto’s method of acting is set to hit the horror film genre in 2022. The film in April is an example of the man’s acting and top-level CGI. Morbius was a character in the Spiderman films getting his film.

The film follows Leto as a scientist who experiments on curing himself to become a vampire. The character’s struggle with acceptance and following up on how the experiment affects him is the highlight of the show.


2022 promises to be a big year for horror film fans. From remakes to the end of the Halloween era to follow-up collaborations, the fans are in for a good horror ride in 2022.


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