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Best Horror Action Movies to Watch With Your Partner

Are you a fan of horror action movies? Are you single? If you’ve ticked both boxes, have you considered registering with a dating site? These online services are all about introducing you to compatible individuals. You can tailor your searches to target members who also love horror movies. With discreet communication channels to exchange flirty messages, chemistry will develop. There are also chat rooms on hookup platforms where you could interact with a variety of other site users who love scary movies! Assuming you connect with someone on a hookup website, how about suggestions for horror-action films you could enjoy watching together?


Directed by William Eubank, this US sci-fi/horror action movie stars Twilight Zone star Kristen Stewart as a worker on an underwater mining complex. This drilling facility is located at the base of the Mariana Trench, seven miles from the Pacific Ocean’s surface, and the deepest point on the planet. When it is rocked by an earthquake, as well as coping with escaping the ruptured buildings, the survivors soon realise that creatures long immersed beneath the seafloor have been unleashed by the seismic event. Based on a novel by arch American fantasy writer HP Lovecraft, these denizens of the deep are revealed as evidence of an ancient creature, known as Cthulhu. Although Underwater was a box office flop, there’s no denying the gripping tension as the plucky Stewart faces the deadly humanoid creatures spawned by Cthulhu.

Till Death

This action thriller features a criminal attorney, Mark (Eoin Macken) who is controlling his wife Emma, played by Megan Fox. The title of this gripping movie becomes apparent when Mark handcuffs Emma to a bedpost and then takes a gun to himself. Thus begins a frightening ordeal for the hapless Emma as she is forced to drag his corpse around, only to discover that her deceased husband has been making careful plans to thwart any attempts she might have made to exacerbate herself from her terrifying situation. This feature is also a perfect watch for any date night, because the mismatched couple, played by Macken and Fox, is certainly eye candy for the viewer!

The Predator

Although this movie has gone on to launch a series of spinoffs, the original story is regarded as a landmark in sci-fi horror. It has also been remade in modern times, with the original 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring version being considerably updated and revamped. The predators in question are extraterrestrial creatures with an elite fighting capability, who are pitched against a bunch of PTSD-afflicted soldiers. It might not be the most subtle of premises, at times resembling a shoot-em-up video game. But it’s hugely entertaining.

Deep Blue Sea 3

The premise of the original Deep Blue Sea released back in 1999, was the drastic fallout when predatory great white sharks are genetically manipulated by scientists to become more intelligent. Naturally, this led to these apex predators becoming even more potentially destructive. Any nominal notions of studying these fish in terms of how they are affected by climate change quickly dissolves into a gory but extremely entertaining thriller.

Army of the Dead

It might seem as if the concept of zombies roaming the American landscape is a concept that has been done to death (excuse the pun!) However, this spirited zombie movie, featuring a bunch of mercenaries who decide to enter a quarantined Las Vegas to execute a daring casino heist, provides an enthralling spin on a well-worn topic. The twist is that the zombies aren’t also brain dead creatures lurching around – some of them have developed intelligence, making them especially ferocious.

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