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The Best Horror-Themed Online Slots

For those who are partial to the horror genre, you may naturally gravitate towards horror-themed slot games. This is no surprise since mankind’s enthrallment for the spooky dates back centuries. From misunderstood “witches” in Salem to the legends of Dracula in Transylvania, we’re no strangers to the weird and scary.

Avid fans of horror will know that it’s easy to “go wrong” with the theme if it isn’t done right. For those in the UK and all around the world looking for the best horror-inspired slots, we have a few great recommendations.

Online Slots in the UK

It’s no secret that online casinos and gambling have become a prominent pastime in many countries, and the UK is not exempt – for those over 18 of course. There are tons of different themes available to satisfy your gaming mood for the day. Aside from being a fun game, slots actually have a rich history.

It’s always fun to know a little about the slot games we have come to love and enjoy, and our resident slots expert Ella Houghton has a lot of knowledge to share and you can read about her experiences.

 The Top Horror-Inspired Slot Games

1.   Circus of Horror

When most people think about horror themes and settings, a few of the most common ones that come to mind include carnivals and circuses, asylums, abandoned houses, creature features, and mysterious islands. Circus of Horror pays tribute to the first setting with amazing graphics to go along with it.

It isn’t the most famous game of the bunch, but just the visual appeal made it important for us to give it a spot on our list. You can see the amount of care and attention that went into slot designing.

If you have a fear of clowns, also known as coulrophobia, we advise you to steer clear of the game as the main attraction is a killer clown. This horror slot is highly volatile and focuses on free spins and multipliers for big wins.

2.   Blood Suckers (I&II)

NetEnt follows Circus of Horror on the list with a vampire slot. Blood Suckers is the name of the game and it also features visually pleasing graphics. Not so scary, Blood Suckers adopts a more chilling feel. It was a popular game making the rounds when the population was engrossed with vampire films.

While the demand for vampires has diminished a bit, it’s a classic theme that can never go wrong. Blood Suckers has a nice bonus game where players can experience what it’s like to slay vampires. If you like eerie and mysterious, you will love Blood Suckers, a slot game that intertwines the Victorian-era even older castles.

Aside from the bonus game, the free spins are what players want to potentially triple their wins.

3.   Lost Vegas

Another prominent theme we have seen in the cinematic world and many slot reviews aside from vampires is zombies. It has also become a classic that never gets old. Lost Vegas is an adaptation of one of the oldest concepts in stories. What makes it unique is players can choose to be one of the walking dead or remain on the side of the light and be a survivor.

The design and graphics of Lost Vegas are eye-catching, but we can’t quite pinpoint whether it’s meant to scare us or make us laugh. Some symbols are fierce while others are borderline comical.

The theme and design aren’t the best parts of Lost Vegas, even though they are certainly impressive. Lost Vegas is packed full of bonus features.

4.   Day of the Dead

We admit that Day of the Dead is more beautiful than it is scary, but the theme fits into the horror genre. The Day of the Dead is an annual occurrence in Mexico, where most of its population gather to remember their loved ones who have passed.

The vivid symbols and icons really give the game a boost and it also brings that festive air to a day that could easily have been morbid and dark. You will almost forget about the sadness and only remember the happy times with the upbeat music that accompanies the game.

The big multipliers and the high number of free spins are where players can really earn their money.

5.   Ghoul’s Gold

In an attempt to balance out the scary and satisfy the haunted house theme, we included Ghoul’s Gold. Yes, the graphics aren’t as intricate and impressive as others, but there is no denying the benefit of simplicity and features of this game.

From progressive jackpots, bonuses and plenty of other features, Ghoul’s Gold is a fun and light-hearted game for any player despite the lack of high-quality graphics.


Horror-theme lovers will not want to miss out on these fun games regardless of what type of characters they like.

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