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Film Review: Ghost Poker (2007)

Horror movies are one of the genres most popular with audiences. There are those who watch them with the lights off, without taking their eyes off the screen so as not to miss the moment when the heroine has her throat slit, and then fall asleep exhausted and soothed by this good moment of thrill. The others will tell you that they loved this film, forgetting to mention that they spent half the time hiding their eyes, and that they had nightmares for weeks… Whether you are rather masochistic or rather sadistic, today we decipher a cult horror film about the casino: Ghost Poker.

Ghost Poker: A Bloody Universe

Ghost Poker is an American film directed by Charles Band, released in 2007. When Matthew Dragna inherits an old casino in the suburbs of Las Vegas, he receives more than he expected. He discovers the Mysteria casino, a decrepit palace where the massacre of all the players who frequented it took place in the past. But the worst is yet to come: a band of undead mobsters haunt the place, eager to strike down their revenge on Matthew, the heir of their killer. Ghost Poker takes us to a lost casino in Las Vegas where a horrible massacre took place in the past. Despite everything, a bunch of young friends are determined to spend a night in this scary place where very scary things are happening there is blood in the toilets, teeth in the slot machines and croupiers ghosts force you to play Blackjack and roulette… We understand then why it is much safer to play in online casino! Chased by ghost slot machines, our protagonists will then try to cope as best they can, through terrifying murders. An explosive cocktail! Charles Band directs his film in a particularly interesting way. He stages this story in a particularly terrifying way.

A Low-budget American achievement

Making a horror movie is hard and painful work. Suddenly, it’s hard not to be fascinated by Ghost Poker which ticks all the boxes of the traditional horror film: an American film with a small budget and the result of which is grandiose. Charles Band’s film is wildly intelligent and finely tuned. A horror film about the world of the casino, it had to be done, but succeeding in handling the space, in playing on the sounds, the textures, to make the drama that takes place before our wet eyes frightening, it is quite exceptional.

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