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Top 6 Best Horror TV Shows to Watch on a First Date

If you’ve only just joined a dating service and are looking for some conversational icebreakers, one of the top recommendations is to chat about movies. Every single you are going to encounter will have a favourite TV show. These outlets are all about matching singles according to compatibility, so why not try homing in on more specific genres? Most people also love watching horror. You’ll find the online environment is perfect for discussing favourites, building a rapport in the process. Once you’ve forged a bond, why not suggest taking your offline connection into the real world, and watching one of these films together? We asked this very question to steamysnaps.com dating platform and they came up with their top six recommendations that would be a perfect fit for a first date.

The Walking Dead

Based on an enthralling comic book series, The Walking Dead has become something of a juggernaut, running to an incredible 10 seasons, and also garnering successful spin-offs. The premise is recognizable enough: the world has descended into a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare. That the plucky cast must struggle to survive against a near-constant threat of being cannibalized by lethal zombies, means you will be perched on the edge of your set throughout each episode. As well as being popular with TV audiences, it has also justly been critically acclaimed.

Stranger Things

Part homage to 1980s science-fiction and pop culture, particularly the output of Stephen King, John Carpenter, and Steven Spielberg, not to mention encompassing influences from video games and anime, this is a thoroughly entertaining horror drama. The plucky protagonists are a bunch of suburban kids, zipping around their neighborhood on bikes. When one of them mysteriously disappears, they are plunged into a nightmarish supernatural world, involving experiments by shadowy government organizations, and mysterious entities from another dimension infiltrating the real world.

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy, familiar for the teenage musical Glee, has produced a riveting series of horror tales, spanning nine seasons. Each is self-contained and set in particular locations, ranging from a lunatic asylum is, to a psychiatric prison, to a traveling fair containing all manner of freakish performers. With a superb ensemble cast, including Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and many more, the colorful, macabre, but often humorous action is ideal for a first date.

Black Summer

Not to be confused with the comic series of the same name (about superheroes,) Black Summer is a worthy addition to the zombie genre. The narrative concerns a bunch of human survivors who must fight their way across suburban streets that have been transformed into a dangerous wilderness in the wake of a global undead apocalypse. The welcome twist is that the zombies here or not the archetypal shambling creatures that normally come with the territory, they are deranged individuals, rampaging around, consumed by bloodlust


The interesting premise with this series, released on Amazon Prime, is that the unfolding drama relates to a singular paranormal story, which is then expanded to span exciting self-contained chapters. This allows for a much deeper and enthralling storyline to unfold. It concerns the disappearance of cyber analyst Molly (Noemi Gonzalez) and the horror that unfolds as her friends investigate what happened to her, uncovering sinister secrets within the framework of the Internet itself.

The Haunting of Hill House

This gripping horror series dips in and out of parallel timelines. The central plot concerns five grown-up siblings who were forced to flee Hill House in traumatic circumstances back in 1992. In the modern-day, they reunite, each harboring particular nightmares relating to that eventful night. The childhood flashbacks are particularly eerie as various entities manifest that will have you and your partner cowering on the couch together!

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