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Bamfer Productions and iHeartMedia Team Up to Search for an Elusive Los Angeles Local Legend in “Searching For Putty Man

Bamfer Productions and iHeartMedia, the No.1 podcast publisher globally according to Podtrac, today announced the upcoming launch of “Searching For Putty Man,”  a new iHeartRadio Original podcast, created by Jeff Heimbuch, Matthew Tyler Vorce, and Kori Celeste. The first episode of “Searching For Putty Man” will debut March 31, with subsequent episodes airing every Wednesday. “Searching For Putty Man” is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network and can be heard everywhere podcasts are available. Listeners can hear the official trailer now – here.

The podcast tries to unravel the story of the Putty Man, who has stalked the streets of Los Angeles for decades and is rumored to be responsible for the scores of people who have gone missing from Griffith Park. With a misshapen face that looks to be made of putty, and a high-pitched sound that heralds his arrival, tragedy always seems to follow in his wake. But what is the true story behind the origin of the Putty Man? How did such a creature take hold of the imagination of the city of angels? And what does his sudden reappearance mean now?

Throughout its ten episodes, “Searching For Putty Man” will attempt to answer these questions, and find out what happens when the urban legend you go looking for winds up finding you. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long, making it the perfect, bite-sized, weekly escape from everyday life.

“The Putty Man urban legend has intrigued me since the moment I first heard about him,” said Heimbuch. “While he’s not as well-known as the Mothman or Bigfoot, he’s definitely a fascinating, and creepy, bit of Los Angeles history.”

“There’s so much about this infamous Los Angeles presence that we don’t understand,” said Celeste. “But I know we’re all very much looking forward to uncovering the truth.”

“And to be on the ground floor of discovering the origin of new legend, especially one from my own back yard, is a dream come true,” Vorce added.

“It’s thrilling to see the Bamfer Productions team turn their talents to an investigative reporting style,” said Holly Frey, Podcast Lead Executive Producer for iHeartMedia. “The natural curiosity of Jeff and his team is sure to lead us to some unexpected places.”

Follow “Searching For Putty Man” today on iHeartRadio, the iHeartRadio app and anywhere else podcasts are available.

You can also follow along on Instagram at @SearchingForPuttyMan and on Twitter at @Search4PuttyMan for photos and extra material from each week’s episode.


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