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Top 5 Best Monster Horror Movies to Watch on a First Date

Where is there the law that states horror movies are completely unsuitable for first date viewing? Or that romcoms should be your automatic first choice in these circumstances? If you’ve connected on a dating site and are seeking a captivating activity for your inaugural get-together, the former option is far more likely to fire your imagination than some formulaic romance. And you might well end up jumping into each other’s arms (as long as you avoid spilling your popcorn!) Here are five of the scariest monster movies that was chosen by dating consultants from meetmilfy that will guarantee to bring you closer.

The Descent

A team of six intrepid female potholers decide to explore a caving system. While this claustrophobic exercise would be traumatic enough at the best of times, their labyrinthine adventure is made all the more arduous when they realize their progress is being watched. Humanoid cannibal creatures are lurking in these pitch-black tunnels, licking their lips at the prospect of supper squirming into their underground realm. Of course, not all these girls are too enamored at the prospect of this potential demise and decide to fight back. This is a genuinely terrifying monster movie you’ll enjoy together.


When this feature was first released back in 1979, the film company released footage of the audience’s reaction to the unfolding events – that could be aptly summarized as ‘sheer terror!’ Set on an industrial spaceship on a deep-space mission, the crew (featuring Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Yaphet Kotto, and Ian Holm) are aroused from suspended animation to investigate a beacon from an alien planet. Only too late, they discover this is no beacon, but a warning. After one of the crew becomes infected by an invasive parasite (later working its way out of his anatomy during one of cinema’s most stomach-churning scenes), the lifeform keeps expanding, its appetite for human flesh growing at the same time. That the action takes place in dimly-lit corridors makes it even more foreboding.

The Thing

In Earth’s distant past, a spaceship from another world crash-lands in the Antarctic, there to be encased in ice for countless centuries. Norwegian explorers come across it, unwittingly awakening a dormant lifeform capable of morphing into any living thing it touches, dog or human, sometimes into weird but horrific hybrids unrecognizable as anything. A team of polar research scientists, led by Kurt Russell, find themselves in this hostile entity’s firing line, the twist being it can create human doppelgangers. Set against howling blizzards, the transformation scenes were created by animatronics rather than computer graphics, making them even scarier for your date night.

A Quiet Place

Earth has been invaded by murderous but blind creatures that hunt their prey – humans – using their ultra-sensitive hearing. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) have learned to creep around this nightmarish environment on their tip-toes. Although the extraterrestrial invaders remain largely unseen, they are a continual presence, meaning you will be poised at the edge of your seats for most of the feature. During one particularly fraught scene, Evelyn is faced with the trauma of giving birth within earshot of one of these hunters.


What could be worse than discovering you are the lone survivor of an apocalyptic endemic that has wiped out humanity? Discovering you are not alone, because your desert wasteland also happens to be home to a humanoid creature. An extremely dangerous humanoid creature whose stomach rumbles when he thinks about you. Brittany Ashworth plays the plucky human who must summon every ounce of her resolve to prevent the total of Earth’s human population from sinking from one to zero.

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