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Top Three Horror-Themed Casino slot games popular in Canada

With gambling being as popular as it is right now, it is only natural for different genres of a gamble to have been integrated into the world. We’ve already seen our fair share of movies about gambling like 21, The Last Casino, Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, etc, and just it is in movies, some movie-based casino games have been created to satiate the movie lovers hunger.

In this article, we will be talking about the movie-themed casino games known to the public, but in this case, we won’t look at the entire movie genre. We will be focusing on Horror-themed casino slot games.

Despite the shock the audience faces when watching this particular movie genre, the people never stopped watching them. According to online casino experts of CasinoScout, people enjoy the adrenaline rush they often get from watching horror movies, as they understand that it is not real and they are safe. The popularity of scary-themed movies has skyrocketed in the past decade especially in Canada, as they are being witnessed in every Halloween celebration and being adapted into video games for gamers.

To be honest, we all know it was only a matter of time before the casino industry takes up this genre as well to deliver to their wide range of fans. We will be talking about a few horror-themed slot games developed for gamblers and movie lovers.

Frankenstein Slot

First on the list is a slot game designed and developed by NetEnt, it is probably one of the scariest horror-themed slot games there is. The NetEnt game comes with features like Linked Wilds, which could potentially come into play in the main game, and Free Spins. The Linked Wilds could also play a huge part in helping the players strike an extra huge win in the game.

This is a slot game based on Mary Shelley’s famous novel and is considered one of the most popular video slots developed by NetEnt has gained some popularity in Canada. A game that brings the creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein to life while featuring the characters and music in the background. This scary slot game comes with a minimum bet of 0.20 and a maximum bet of 100.00.

Blood Suckers

Second on the list is another game designed and developed by NetEnt, a leading software provider of online slots. One of the main reasons this horror-themed slot game is considered one of the best is the impressive designs and astonishing special effects in the game. A slot game from NetEnt is not expected to flop anyways. Many gamblers, movie and casino bonus website lovers have probably developed an interest in Blood Suckers which is a slot game based on vampire stories.

Blood Suckers is a 25 payline video slot that delivers impressive sound effects and characters to give the perfect depiction of horror-themed games and just like every other slot game, it comes with a bonus feature as well as free spins with a 3-x multiplier. The bonus feature will be triggered as soon as you claim 3 Stakes along with the Hammer symbols.

Lost Vegas Slot

If you’re in for the creepy ride, say hello to the Lost Vegas Slot game that was created and designed by Microgaming, who have made their name as a big software provider in Canada and across the world. While scary and creepy comes with the territory of this slot game, it is quite fun and exciting to play. The players can choose to play the role of either a brain-eating zombie or a survivor; this is one of the best features of this game. Another additional feature is that this slot game has been optimized for mobile play.

Playing the game, all a player need to do is land at least 3 Scatter which will help you activate the Free Spins. The Blackout bonus comes in randomly in the game as it could potentially give all high symbols cash prizes awards and only a Scatter symbol will be required to activate a Free Spin bonus round.

Several horror-themed slot games have been developed by various software providers, but listed above are the ones we will like you to watch out for and have gained quite the popularity in Canada.


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