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5 Horror Movies Involving Gambling & Casinos

The world of casinos and gambling has been a popular backdrop for lots of movies, but the films about casino tend to be rather comedies, such as Hangover, or dramas like The Gambler or 21. If you are a fan of horror movies, you might be interested to know that there are a few scary movies set in the casino environment as well.

We have asked iGaming expert Péter Deli, of whom you can read more here, what his favourite horror movies with gambling scenes are. Here are what we came up with: 5 Horror Movies Involving Gambling & Casinos!

Online Casino for Horror Fans

Players who are looking to combine their love for the horror genre and casino games should check out some horror-themed slots. Many game providers have created slots about for example vampires, zombies, werewolves and other scary things. Check out Unibet Magyar for a good site for Hungarian players offering the largest selection of different casino games, as well as online sports betting.

If you want some inspiration on the topic before heading to the online casino, check out the following movies. These horror films will scare you silly while entertaining you with gambling scenes!

Remains (2011)

This zombie movie is based on Steve Niles’ graphic novel, in which a nuclear accident causes people to turn into brain-eating zombies. The only survivors find refuge in an abandoned casino in Reno where they can spend their time enjoying the fully-stocked bar and, of course, playing cards while passing the time in relative safety. However, the zombies are never far…

Leprechaun 3 (1995)

The third part of the cult-classic slasher horror movie series takes place in Las Vegas, where Dan O’Grady lives. O’Grady had stolen the leprechaun’s gold on a holiday to Ireland, and now the blood-thirsty Irish fairy has followed him home to get back his treasure. As we are in the Sin City, gambling and casinos provide a constant backdrop to this hilariously campy horror movie.

Dead Man’s Hand/ The Haunted Casino (2007)

Originally named Dead Man’s Hand (a poker term for a very unlucky poker hand), the events of this film from 2007 take place in a haunted casino – thus the film was re-named accordingly to The Haunted Casino. A young Californian guy Matthew is an avid online gambler, who inherits a casino from his uncle. When Matthew and his buddies arrive at the casino, it turns out to be haunted by organized criminals from the 1940s.

Spirits of the Dead (1969)

This classic movie showcases three tales from Edgar Allan Poe, known for his chilling stories. The part that earns the movie a nomination on this list is the second story, where an Austrian officer called William Wilson is stationed in Italy in the 1800s. There is an intense gambling scene, where William plays cards all night long with a courtesan called Giuseppina. Horrifying events unfold as William’s doppelgänger manages to convince people that William has cheated.

13 Tzemeti (2005)

Georgian-French movie called 13 Tzameti is a gruelling story of gambling. Georgian immigrant Sebastien living in France steals an envelope with an offer for a mysterious job which could make him rich. As it turns out, Sebastien needs to participate in a deadly gamble: Russian Roulette, where spectators are betting on who will survive on each round.

Hungarian Movie Scene

While the list above does not include any Hungarian films, there are plenty of internationally recognized Hungarian movies. Hungary certainly has some tradition when it comes to horror movies and internationally renowned actors. Who could forget the iconic role of Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula? Lugosi has also portrayed other characters in horror movies, albeit none of them took place in a casino environment.

So far it seems nobody came to think of combining casino movies with the horror genre in Hungarian film-making. However, maybe the next great Hungarian horror movie could take place for example in Las Vegas Casino Corvin – who knows?


Casino environment has served as a background for many great movies, but horror movies don’t often have scenes involving gambling. However, horror movie fans can find some scary movies with links to casinos or gambling – you just have to know where to look.

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