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Film Review: The Haunted Casino (2007)


After Matthew Dragna inherits a rundown old casino from his deceased uncle, Matthew, his loyal girlfriend JJ, and several other friends decide to check the place out. Alas, the casino turns out to be haunted by the lethal and angry ghosts of vicious Las Vegas mobster Roy “The Word” Donahue and his equally pernicious flunky Gil Wachetta. Will Matthew and any of his friends survive a night in the casino with these vengeful spirits?


The Haunted House Casino is an impressive horror movie with a very captivating and interesting story, being a great choice for you and your friends to watch especially if you enjoy dark humor. Unlike other horror movies which approach a similar theme, this movie succeeded to deliver lots of fun and also many scarry, being much more enjoyable to watch than other horror movies.

The movie was directed by Charles Band and starring Kristyn Green, Wes Armstrong and Michael Berryma and it tells you the story of an old casino which is haunted by ghosts of  deceased members of a gang from Las Vegas. The action is very interesting to be followed and understood and the story behind makes the film even more mysterious.

It starts presenting Matthew who has inherited an old casino from his uncle. Being curious about his new property, Matthew, along with his girlfriend and four of his friends decide to go and check out the building. As they arrive at the casino, they start checking the place and noticing that it needs a lot of cleaning they take the decision to spend a night in the casino together in order to help him clean it up.

It keeps you captivated because the film script is very good and so are the actors who are featuring in this movie. The action continues becoming more and more interesting when they discover that they are not alone in the casino, there are also some old spirits from the past that are looking to get revenge on Matthew and his group for his uncle’s mistakes. The first significant action that happens in this movie is in the beginning part and after that there will be more talky- talk and wanderings about the casino in order to offer you a better understanding of the story.

From halfway through the movie everything’s starts to be more and more interesting, because the ghosts appear more often. Sig Haig plays the leader role of the ghosts group, but he shows up only in a few scenes. Also Jessica Morris plays the role of a seductive slot girl who succeds to seduce one of Matthews’ friends. Following the film you will also see a couple of dealer ghosts who are making the things more interesting by starting up gambling games where the stakes are more severe than they normally are. You will see different sorts of casino games in this movie such as blackjack, roulette, slots and many others that might stir your interest in playing some free slots.

The human cast victims are played very well by many young actors that the director of the film succeeded to put together. You can see that they are taking their roles very seriously in order to express very well what they are feeling. Also the film offers various scenes which contain great gore and lots of blood as well, that will make you close your eyes sometimes.

To conclude, we can say that The Haunted Casino is a very impressive low-budget movie that will offer you a great experience watching it. Just make sure you give it your time and attention because it starts to be more and more interesting from halfway through, elevating it tremendously. It looks very good, the horror scenes are well made in order to make you scream or close your eyes sometime, it has great actors featuring it, and if you or your friends enjoy dark humor, this one will be a perfect movie for you to watch together.

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