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The Different Types of Movie Genres and Why People Love Them

Film and literature blend several types of genres meeting that fulfill the desires of the public. Within each movie genre, some sub-genres fulfill niche audiences more precisely. Romance movies somehow come out as the most renowned literary genre, while romantic drama; action movies with comedic films also come out as the most-watched movies worldwide.

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The different types of movies


Comedy is a movie type that most people can never seem to get enough of. They make people laugh and forget their worries leaving them happy and in a positive mood. What one sometimes watches tends to have an effect on one’s emotions and psychology which is one reason why comedies are fun to watch when one is unhappy or depressed. The characters just light up the mood and change some bad feelings.


Action movies are quite a lot and probably have the highest views and interests. The action and adventure genre plus the high-energy scenes with possible rescues, battles, fights, escapes, and even disasters like floods, volcanoes, tornados, and hurricanes are some of the reasons why people can never seem to get enough. The ideas are endless and the exotic locations, fast-paced heroes and bad guys arouse interest and have the viewer on the edge of his seat as they do not know what to expect.

Some of the all-time action thrilled films include; “Mission Impossible”, “The Matrix,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusades”, “Iron Man”, and “spider-man”.


Dramatic films and novels emphasize serious and likely real-life scenarios, realistic characters, and settings that the audience can relate to. This genre consists of melodrama, which plays on the emotions and feelings of the audience, and then romantic drama, which lays emphasis on; sad romantic conflict. Dramatic films include; “Taxi Driver” and “Casablanca”. Romantic movies are also some of the most-watched categories of movies that people enjoy and cannot get enough of especially the hopeless romantics.


Horror movies always give this kind of Halloween setting and feeling which makes people attracted to it. Most people always look up to Halloween to dress up in any character they choose and have these wild theme parties. It is usually a lot of fun and horror movies seem to give viewers a little bit of that Halloween feeling. But since horror movies are scary, why do people still love or watch them?

Different writing

Most people are used to romantic stories, action thrilling movies, comedy, and other genres of movies but there is something different about horror movies which are the reason why some people love them.


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