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How The Alien Slots Maintain The Horror Of The Movies?

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of slots with horror or often sci-fi themes. While these types of themed slots are interesting, they aren’t immersive. So, you end up playing a few rounds, get bored, and try something else. However, every so seldom, there is a horror-themed slot game that continues to hold your attention even after playing multiple times, and in case you were wondering, we’re alluding to Alien Slots.

Out of all the Uudet kasinot games, we found the classic Alien Slots to be the most interesting, and immersive. Themed after the 80s, movie of the same name, the slots offers both an exciting gambling experience but does not take you away from the immersion of fear that the film offered. That’s why we decided to go a little deeper to examine what makes Alien Slots so successful.

High-Quality 3D Graphics

One of the terrifying aspects of the 80’s film was the special effects. The alien in the movie is absolutely terrifying and elicited screams in theaters when it (the movie) was first released. Most people may remember watching the film on VHS at home as kids and being terrified to watch it alone. Interestingly, the slots follow in the footsteps of the movie, which is made possible with some of the best graphics we’ve seen in an online slots game.

Everything from the introductory screen, to the rare jackpot screen, is in 3D. The dark overtones only add to the vibe of fear. However, the overall game itself seems to be taking place on another planet. The light reflects strongly off objects, and the props on the screen appear to be something out of a spaceship. All of this adds to the atmosphere of an alluring slots game that many who play this game will readily testify to.

Booming Sound Effects

Another excellent feature of the game is the sound effects. The first time you hear it, it is unlike any other themed slot games. While we admit that the sound effects aren’t directly out of the movie, they are without a doubt loud and startling just the way it should be with this type of game.

Apart from explosions, environmental sound effects, and other little sound bites, the timing of these sounds effects are also excellent. So, players don’t have to wait until they hit the jackpot to hear something that startles them or draws attention to a specific part of the screen. Not to mention that the sound of the game is what completes the emersion. It is the small, often unnoticeable stuff that helps immerse people in a game, and that’s where Aliens Slots shines.

No Distractions When Playing

One of the things we like about the game and something we suspect helps people get immersed in the experience is that there are no distractions. Over the years, we’ve tested many dozens of themed slot games and distractions like pop-ups announcing bonuses, free spins, etc., while a part of the game is distracting. When you have a themed game, there shouldn’t be distractions, and if there is important information that has to be conveyed, there needs to be a way to convey it without the game going out of character.

Aliens Slots is very good at conveying the required information on the screen but without distracting players. We found ourselves knowing how many spins or free spins were left, but it didn’t distract us from the gameplay. That is another reason why we think the game can maintain that “horror” feeling of the original movie.

A Hard to Kill Queen

Alien Slots’ theme is rounded off the fact that the queen is very difficult to kill. Many have tried multiple times and failed. Similar to the movie, you need to be tough to take down the queen. It takes time, luck, and money to do it in this slot game. However, the toughness associated with killing the queen is part of the horror. At first, you feel as though it is too difficult, and then as things progress, you see the chinks in the armor and its time to close in.

Our advice would be to take a break after every 30 minutes, just so that you can get back to it with a clear head. Don’t let the addiction to horror keep you playing for a very long time!


Alien Slots was released after much hype, and for the most part, it lived up to it. Some people may not be too happy about the payouts and bonuses. However, it is more than just a slot game; it is part of the movie in so many ways, which why we urge fans to play it at least once if they haven’t yet. We promise you it is fun and horrible at the same time!

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