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Interview: Miss Misery (Reyna Young)

Hello Freaks And Minx! Dai here talking to the beautiful and talented Miss Misery! Sit back, relax, and welcome to the macabre world of one of my favorite horror hostesses!

Hi Miss Misery! Thank you so much for joining us today!
Well Thank you Dai! I always love talking to you.

Tell us about your show and what you do.

The Last Doorway Show is a show dedicated to the independent horror artist! I go around conventions and do interviews, I go onto movie sets and interview cast and crew and promote anything I can for them. I host the show and do all the interviews!!

How did you break into the Horror Scene?

-Well my family lives in Hell in a little town called Stake Town and I always watched re-runs of Creature Features on television or The Twilight Zone and I wanted to come up to earth and host my own show and see my name in blood and lights:) So I came up to earth and landed in San Francisco and fell in love with this band called Dammit and the guitar player John Gillette. So I hit him over the head and dragged him home with me and we fell in love and he’s my camera man. Soon The Devil will be doing Horror reviews for my show, so nice of him to visit once in awhile.

What is your favorite part about it?

I love promoting and helping out the fellow artist. There’s so much talent out there and I want to help them get the word out about they’re projects.

How many interviews have you conducted so far?

-Oh! WOW! A lot!! I have interviewed over a hundred people and about 60 episodes. They’re are people I haven’t’ gotten a chance to get yet so hopefully I can find them, tie them up and interview them..

What are some of your most memorable moments from your show?

-When I interview people it’s no big deal, it’s not until later I get a little shocked that I even interviewed them. Like Weird Al Yankovic or James O’Barr. Never did I think in a million years I would interview these people but I did and I love it. James O’Barr is one where I was a little nervous so I asked him dumb questions. LOL but at least I got to interview him, right?

Who are a few people that you have yet to interview but can’t wait to sink your claws into?

-Hmmmmmmmmmmmm well I would love to interview a long time crush of mine Crispin Glover, I already had John Stanley so he’s off the list. But yes Crispin Glover, Debbie Rochon for sure and Dai Green!!

Where can people find you?

-at www.thelastdoorwayshow.com
You can also join my Fan club on there too.

What do you have coming up next?

-Hosting events, throwing events and new shows coming soon with more characters on the show and more surprises and contests to win stuff from the set!!

Any advice for other aspiring mistresses out there?

-Follow your dreams and always carry a weapon in your purse. You never know, you might have to stab someone!

Thank you so much for joining us!

Thank you for having me and remember I’ll see you in your nightmares!!!

For more info on Miss Misery and her shows, go to


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