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How to access all Netflix Horror movies from anywhere in the world

Netflix has expanded way beyond TV box sets and blockbuster movies. Nowadays, it’s also become one of the go-to resources for horror movie fans, offering a massive library of terrifying films from all across the world.

Just in 2019, the streaming platform premiered a host of outstanding productions and resurrected a few classics from the dead. The tongue in cheek cult movie Scream (1996) returned to thrill a whole new generation of slasher-film fans, art-horror masterpiece Get Out made the transition from the big screen to laptops and smartphones, while zombie movies were well-represented thanks to Canada’s Ravenous and the witty Girl With All The Gifts.

Horror content appears frequently among the company’s most-watched movie lists. For instance, the apocalyptic drama Bird Box was a huge hit in 2019, as was the psychological thriller Secret Obsession. But there are also cult hits with dedicated but small audiences – French horror series Marianne is a great example.

How Netflix Geo-Blocking Can Ruin Horror Fans’ Online Fun

Basically, there’s a horror film or series to suit anyone’s twisted tastes on Netflix. But thanks to the platform’s “geo-blocking” features, it’s not always possible to access the whole portfolio.

If you’ve ever traveled abroad and tried to access “Cube” or “the Invitation”, you may be familiar with the problem. Many horror films are available in the USA, but not in other national markets (and some foreign productions aren’t hosted in America, but can be watched elsewhere).

Netflix uses geo-blocking to minimize the amount it spends on digital rights and to manage the content for different target markets. And that’s really annoying for anyone who moves across borders, or has adventurous horror tastes.

It’s also becoming a more serious issue as Netflix becomes a truly global giant. Every year, the streaming company adds around 7.5 million new users, and around 75% of those users are located outside the USA. As the company caters to their cultural preferences, all sorts of horror content will be provided locally but kept off-limits to American viewers.

Fortunately, there are ways to access the full repertoire of Netflix horror content anywhere in the world. Let’s explore how it’s done, and how you can make your entertainment diet as spine-chilling as possible.

First Things First: Find a Killer Netflix VPN

Before we explain how to evade Netflix filters, it’s essential to introduce VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks). For those who don’t already know, VPNs do two things. Firstly, they encrypt the traffic flowing in and out of your device. Secondly, they route that traffic through remote servers, assigning users with anonymous IP addresses.

Why does this matter for Netflix users? Simple. When Netflix blocks users based on their location, the platform uses IP addresses as a proxy for where the user is. Normally, that would be fairly accurate, because IP addresses are closely related to geographical locations. However, VPNs can assign you with a location anywhere in the world, effectively fooling Netflix filters.

It’s important to note that not all VPNs are good Netflix VPNs. Some use cheaper techniques to assign IP addresses, which re-use addresses repeatedly. If that happens, Netflix won’t have too much trouble identifying users as seeking to evade geo-blockers.

Good Netflix VPNs use unique IPs for each session and use the highest quality encryption to hide the identity of their customers. If you read through VPN reviews at sites like VPNpro, you’ll see that some providers score more highly than others. And you may need to pay for a subscription to secure the best VPN service possible. It’s worth doing so if you are serious about horror movies, as premium VPNs will be much more likely do outwit Netflix on a regular basis.

How to Access the Horror Movies You Love on Netflix

When you’ve fired up a VPN (before starting your browser), you should be able to log onto Netflix as usual, wherever you are in the world. Be sure to choose a server location that fits your target market (Japan, France, the UK, and Scandinavia tend to have good horror selections).

However, that’s not the end of the story. Netflix is a massive content library, and actually finding the best horror movies isn’t that easy – especially if you are seeking content from other countries.

That’s where Netflix alt-genre codes come in handy. These codes can be used to zero in on specific content niches on the Netflix platform. All of them need to be entered into the Netflix URL line after /browse/ and the name of the genre.

For example, horror sub-categories include “monster movies” and “vampire horror movies.” Let’s say the code for “monster movies” is 947. In that case, you just need to change to URL to /browse/horror/947. That should call up a focused list of available content.

These Netflix codes change on a regular basis, and new categories are added. However, there are specialist sites which aggregate them, keeping a regular record of the numbers to use.

Mix VPNs and Smart Searching to Find Amazing Horror Movies, Anytime

Netflix is probably the number one streaming resource for horror obsessives. You could watch a new movie every day without coming close to exhausting the options available and still, miss out on incredible films due to Netflix geoblocks.

As we’ve seen, working around Netflix blocks isn’t that hard. If you combine a reliable VPN with some intelligent use of genre codes, you can maximize your horror viewing options, anywhere in the world.

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