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Creepy Kids in Horror Movies

We all know that horror movies are scary as they are meant to be that way. However, it gets even scarier if there are kids involved. The chills that are sent down your spine by adults killing each other in horror movies are nothing compared to the way your body will quiver and shake like a leaf in the wind when you see the same acts being performed by a child.

Scary Child Horror Movies

Village of the Dammed, 1995

One woman getting pregnant makes sense, but when ten woman all get pregnant at the same time you know that something is not right. And just as they all got pregnant simultaneously, they all give birth at the same time just like how they do at Meilleur machine a sous en ligne. To ten children who grow at an insanely fast rate. These same children can read adults minds and make them harm themselves.

The Ring, 2002

When we think about a Ring, we think marriage and happy times. But not in this case. The Ring is a movie that follows a journalist who wants to uncover the mystery of a video tape. This tape, after watching it, you have seven days to live. If you think its too creepy for you, well, you can always  just play games at  real money casinos in south africa instead.

The Omen, 1976

You would think that a movie released so long ago can’t be scary, well, you are wrong. The Omen is the definition of scary. Why we say so, well you see Damien is the son of Satan who was born on the sixth day of June at 6am. Damien, does not do much, it is the people who are around him who do strange and creepy things.

Insidious, 2010

The literal translation for the word insidious is “proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effect”. Therefore, you can only imagine the build-up of this horror movie. Parents Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne have to come with some way to same themselves from their son who is possessed by a demon.

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