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Your Guide to Scary Movies This for October 2019!

Which Horror Movies to See in October 2019?

With the month of Halloween, you are probably wondering whether you should start brushing up on your list of horror movies to see this season. Well, what are you waiting for? If you are new to the horror movie genre or need some help finding the best ones out there, you have come to the right place, as you will be able to find the best horror offers out there. Some will be TV Series whereas others will come straight from the bowels of Hollywood!

A Girl Walks Home Alone

This is as close to realism a vampire movie can get to, and that’s why it’s so terrifying. If you are not a fan of vampires, you will certainly love them after seeing the movie. In fact, you may find yourself willing to find out more about them. Why not hop over to Trada Casino and play one of the vampire-themed games there? As for the movie itself, a fair word of warning for all of you who chat up lonely strangers in the street at night – watch out, for their teeth may have a shine!

The Haunting of Hill House

While critics would debate the purpose of the entire series and the moral of the story is that we are our worst enemy, The Haunting of Hill House is a properly scary TV Series streamed on Netflix. A fantastic blood-curdling story will send cold shivers down your spine on demand. If you want to set the bar very high for all other horror flicks out there The Haunting of Hill House is definitely your go-to option.


Steven Kings’ movies tend to fall awfully short of the writer’s mark, but then again – IT is the reason why we are afraid of clowns. Oh, sure – you would hear people talk about the uncanny nature of clowns, but it’s only after seeing IT that you can truly understand the horror. It makes perfect sense to leave the horror unnamed, too. Known as IT, this scary clown will hop out of every nook and cranny to instill refined fear right into your bloodstream. Definitely, one of the scariest movies to see this October!


We always wish that a person who’s been close to us and is gone come back. Well, careful what you wish for, because this may just happen. Babadook is a story of a little boy and his struggling mother who are having difficulty getting along with life. The boy is anxious, and a loner whereas his mother is working long shifts to bring food on the table. Yet, their life will take an unprecedented turn when they receive the Babadook – a book (mistaken for a fairy tale book at the time) that tells the story of this uncanny creature that comes for children. But this is a Bogeyman story with a very specific twist. Want to find out what exactly? Make sure to watch the movie.

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