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Best VR Movies

Virtual Reality may have just caught your eye within the past 3 years. However, there was a lot of speculation back in the early 2000s before it was the next best thing. And among all this speculation came quite is VR movies that we will look at today.

Virtual Reality Movies

The Matrix

The Matrix is the mother of all VR movies.  The Matrix takes a look at the world after it has been taken over Artificial Intelligence and humans are plugged into a virtual world which they have no choice of escaping. The graphics of the movie are just sublime. As for the storyline, it can really get you rethinking your use of Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana even Alexa. One could say that the only thing that was missing in this great movie was a VR joka room online casino Australia games. But since they weren’t invented at that time, even just the basic casino scene would have been amazing, don’t you think so?

Dark City

The dark city follows a man who has amnesia in a city where the sun never shines. Hence, the name of the movie.  As he struggles to regain his memory, mysterious albino men approach him and manage to manipulate reality. As Murdoch, falls deeper and deeper he realizes that the city is a giant virtual reality simulation run by the men in black. If you love VR then we are sure that this is one movie that you will enjoy.

Johnny Mnemonic

While the Matrix was one of Keanu Reeves best movies, we can’t say the same for Johnny Mnemonic. Though the movie is s bit interesting, critics had a party with it when it was released. The movies follow a man, Johnny Mnemonic as he uploads files to own brain,did you know at casinosnz casino games you can play related movie games. This he does so that he can carry them for corporate clients. Inside this reality, Johnny can manipulate his abilities and he meets up with a hacker and then things just get weird. Even more word than they were before.

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