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Hostel: Part III – A Gruesome Bachelor’s Party Game of Torture

There are many ways to entertain yourself. For some people, playing casino games at CoolCat Casino or other online gaming sites is the best way to beat boredom. For others, it’s watching thrill-seeking, hair-raising, and nerve-wracking horror films.

One of the most The Hostel movie franchise was a three-part series. The first two parts of the trilogy were written and directed by writer and director Eli Roth, the man behind Cabin Fever and Knock Knock, among others. All films had a common plot – an insanely horrifying game played the filthy rich who pay large sums of money to torture and kill random individuals. Each movie offers a totally different kind of horror that will leave you disturbed and trembling with fear, leading fans and critics alike to dub the series “torture porn.”

Hostel: Part I

The first installment of the Hostel trilogy was released in 2006. It was executive produced by Quentin Tarantino, Scott Spiegel, and Boaz Yakin. The first Hostel film starred Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, and Eythor Gudjonsson.

Many people think that Hostel was an intelligent film and had Roth’s distinct style and voice.

The horror film revolved around three backpackers who head to a Slovak City hoping to score with beautiful women there but without any inkling of what awaits them.

Hostel: Part II

The second sequel to Hostel (2005) was released in 2007, just a little over a year after the first installment was shown in movie theaters. Hostel: Part II was still directed by Roth. It starred Lauren German, Roger Bart, Richard Burgi, Heather Matarazzo, and Bijou Phillips.

While the first Hostel movie focused on two male college students, Hostel: Part II followed three American female students who went to Rome and ended up in a Slovak village, where they were kidnapped and taken to a place where people are tortured and killed by rich clients.

However, people were not so keen on the second Hostel movie. It earned significantly less than its predecessor. Roth believed that one of the factors that led to its poor ticket sales is a leaked copy of the film circulating on the internet. A publication even claimed that Hostel: Part II was the most pirated flicks ever.

Hostel: Part III – A Bachelor Party’s Gruesome Game of Torture

Four and a half years after Hostel: Part II was released, Hostel: Part III was introduced. This time, it was directed by Scott Spiegel and written by Michael D. Weiss. Part three also didn’t get a theatrical release; it was a straight-to-video film.

Critics say that the third installment of the Hostel trilogy kind of redeemed the underwhelming part two of the series. Some even say it’s the best of the franchise so far, as it is equally disturbing, brutal, and shocking.

Fans of the series will be amazed that it’s not such a disappointment like the previous series. It promises to play with your imagination and emotions all throughout the movie. But it sticks to what the trilogy is trying to convey or prove.

The Plot

The story focuses on four friends, namely Scott (the groom-to-be), Mike, Justin, and Carter, who travel to Las Vegas for Scott’s bachelor party. While in Sin City, they meet Kendra and Nikki, the prostitutes whom Carter has secretly paid to seduce the groom. The girls, then, take the guys to a secret party on the other end of town. The guys wake up the next morning and soon realized that Mike was not with them.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Mike is brought to a display room in a strange place where wealthy clients await to play the game of torture called “The Wheel of Misfortune.” These people are part of the secret society, the Elite Hunting Club. While a lot of rich people gamble their money on the film’s Vegas onsite casino, these group of men and women kidnap people and kill them for sheer amusement that’s twisted in so many ways.

Two guards strap Mike into a chair while a doctor is about to operate on Mike. As soon as Mike sees the doctor, he pleads with him to let him go. But the doctor proceeded to peel off his face, killing the poor guy.

Getting more and more worried, Scott suggested they find the girls they were with last night to ask about their friend. They found Nikki’s trailer, but she wasn’t there. While checking the place, two people burst through the front door and threw Justin down. It was Kendra, the other woman they were with the night before. She asked why they were breaking into Nikki’s place and Scott explained. The men, then, found out Nikki is also missing.

In the same cell, Nikki wakes up dressed up as a cheerleader. She woke up strapped onto a table while a Hungarian-speaking man enters the room and teases her with a cockroach. The man sprayed something in her mouth and pours a jar full of cockroaches, making them all crawl into her mouth, suffocating her.

Scott got a text from “Mike” asking them to meet him and Nikki in a hotel. When they got there, there were numerous men in black who gassed them and put them at the back of a van. When they woke up, they were all put in individual cells.

Carter was taken to an office, where Flemming, the leader of the Elite Hunting Club’s Vegas branch. Flemming expresses his disappointment that Carter had to drag his other friends into the trap when the original plan was to abduct Scott only.

Scott is strapped into a chair and Carter comes into the room. Scott asks him why he is doing this. Carter explains that he wants Scott out of the way so he can have Amy, his fiancée, all to himself. Then, Flemming orders his men to unstrap Scott. Carter and Scott started to wrestle, but Scott gets to Carter first, stabbing him multiple times and killing him. Scott, then, breaks out of the cell and escapes.

While trying to escape, Scott finds a cellphone and calls the police. He sees Kendra and frees her, but one of Flemming’s men got to her, shooting and killing her. Scott fights Travis and bludgeons him to death.

Meanwhile, Flemming makes his high-paying clients escape the building in their limos. He stays behind to blow up the building. He goes into his car and tries to drive away not knowing that Carter was able to escape and get to his car first. Carter, then, kills Flemming and drives away with the latter’s car. As he was going out of the building, he sees Scott in the rearview mirror. He gets out and locks Scott in the burning building. The old abandoned factory explodes while Scott is trapped inside.

Amy is grieving for Scott and Carter goes to her to comfort her. She invites her to stay for the night and offers him champagne. Amy then tells Carter that Scott is alive and then, stabs him with a corkscrew. Scott, with burns and scalds all over his body, comes into the room and drags Carter to the garage. He ends up killing Carter with an electric gardening tool as Amy watches.

In Conclusion

People pay a lot of money to entertain themselves. Some go shopping, clubbing, or partying. Others, make large bets to watch as innocent lives are tortured and ripped from this planet. Ghastly. Disturbing. Shocking. Definitely repulsive.

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